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Flood göndermek, insanların floodlarını okumak ve diğer insanlarla bağlantı kurmak için sosyal Floodlar ve Flood Yanıtları Motorumuza giriş yapın.

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I’ve mirrored Linux Journal

I’ve saved it! Here is a backup mirror:

~~http://linuxjournal.as.boramalper.org/secure2.linuxjournal.com/ljarchive/~~ SEE the torrents instead.

If you’d like a copy too, please download & seed the torrent **instead of scraping**: ~~http://linuxjournal.as.boramalper.org/linuxjournal.torrent~~ SEE https://www.dropbox.com/s/xvb2nen5lfm1kwl/linuxjournal.torrent?dl=0

P.S. I’ve used `wget -mkxKE -e robots=off https://secure2.linuxjournal.com/ljarchive/`

**EDIT:** Someone notified me that the issues were un-paywalled too so I’ve created a torrent of them as well:

~~https://linuxjournal.as.boramalper.org/linuxjournal-issues.torrent~~ SEE https://www.dropbox.com/s/ik17w9m3po7lrer/linuxjournal-issues.torrent?dl=0

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46 Yorumları

  1. Was just getting ready to do the same thing.

    If it is ok, I would like to try to launch a few on FreeNet, ZeroNet, IPFS, and whatnot.

  2. The second torrent is not working in Transmission (invalid data).

  3. Well done OP. You should also mirror their FTP:


  4. If anyone else has trouble with the issues torrent I have pinned it on IPFS. You can see it in a public gateway here: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmQDVpWjjmbkssmNt5Qe3zMmn69Cnx1nVpptgtBbuq21Kc

  5. Just download this. I don’t see any pdfs or epubs or ebooks of any kind. Am I missing something here?

  6. Added to my seedbox but it seems to be having a hard time connecting. I’ll leave it running and hopefully it’ll sort itself out.

  7. Did you try asking TheEye (discord: TKr3AJ7) to host? u/-Archivist can help I guess!?

  8. I pointed the way back machine to it last night and it looks like it took care of the rest. If only it was searchable….


  9. Added and seeding. I was expecting more than 1.8G tbh!

  10. Hi, guys. I would like to know how to mirror a website and scrap all data. We use FTP?

  11. That’s one fast torrent. Took less than a minute to download and speed peaked at 31.1 MB/s.

  12. Has anyone mirrored the PDF/ePUB files yet? I have 2017, but no access to any current or previous versions except 2017.

  13. Does anyone know of a way to get a hold of all of the Deep Dive issues?

  14. Downloaded it I’ll be leaving it on my seedbox for a long time as I never delete anything off it

  15. Thanks for the torrent! 🙂

    Are the PDFs included in the torrent? If not, are these hosted anywhere else?

  16. Thank you! I’ll plan on seeding it for as long as I can!

  17. Came here to say this, glad someone is on top of it. 🙂

  18. Downloading now, will seed for as long as I can. (at least 24hrs)

    I may not have the best internet connection, but what I have is seeding now.

  19. Further to my problem with the seedbox. Has anyone successfully added this to a seedhost seedbox at all?

  20. Seeding from Germany with 1 Gbit/s Upload Speed!

    What about hosting this via IPFS and making it available to the wide Internet via CloudFlare IPFS?

  21. seriously sad to see such a long-standing part of the foss community close down. Furkan_topal thanks for hopping on so quickly and getting a torrent made for the rest of us!

  22. Thanks, I have added it to my seedbox will seed for at least 2 weeks

  23. The torrent won’t start. Are you hosting it yourself?

  24. Also, I’d love to host it somewhere more stable (*e.g.* GitHub Pages) as my VPS is more like an experimental playground. Currently it’s 1.1 GB excluding the zip file of PDFs (so just 0.1 GB above the limit…) so suggestions welcome.

    Lastly, this is a mirror of their website as it’s open to public. Nothing “illegal” here.