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I’ve been archiving YouTube channels for a year, with a self-coded script. Here are my stats.

I’ve been archiving YouTube channels for a year, with a self-coded script. Here are my stats.

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  1. StereoType YouTuber was forced to delete all his old videos. Any chance you know of a way to get them?


  2. Can you share your dl info managing script? Or at least describe its features? I have a similar script but in R that I wrote that processes an .xlsx with channel info and creates 5 different jobs that scrape in parallel (450+ channels). I’m curious how to make database management better, but now swamped with work.

  3. How do keep the meta tags consistent across the channel or channels?

  4. As a youtuber I just feel like I need to say this – please, if you have the possibility and YouTube is not down, watch the videos on the platform since you harm the youtuber of you don’t.

  5. For those that aren’t programmatically inclined, youtube-dl is painful. Is there a GOOD starters guide? or even a webpage to generate the command options you’d want to use.

    ie – for me i’d want to grab channel X, all videos, top quality resolution and audio available, name them Channel NameYYMMDD Video Title.mkv – am I missing other important options outside of rate limiting?

    How does one keep track of which videos have already been had and what hasn’t?

  6. This is relevant to my interests and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  7. Do you archive highest available quality, certain quality or every available quality?

    Is it possible for a total noob to do it for smaller channels like 40-50 videos? Can you share your script/tool/whatever that is?

  8. Hey you have a archive of november 2019 on a channel called Narwal the real narwal?

  9. Idk if it’s comforting or discouraging that so many other ppl keep offline copies of YouTube videos like just in case lol

  10. You don’t have any Mackscorner videos do you? Is there also a way that you can download private videos from YouTube’s servers or has nobody found a way to do this?

  11. Has anyone been blocked by YouTube?


    I managed to get some US only media using news channels and Tor combined with youtube-dl, but then I got blocked

  12. I want to archive all of critical role but I have a friend who is deaf so I also need to grab its subtitles. Have you found a good way to grab these?

  13. Is there a reason why you go particularly for the uploads playlists and not keep the playlist structure that the channel creates?

    I personally like the playlist structure as channels that I archive tend to group their videos by topic olin playlists (think video game streams or DIY projects).


  14. Stats on the videos themselves may be interesting. e.g. average duration, average file size average bitrate etc.

  15. Holy damn. 30 TBs. Got a while bunch of questions. Sorry in advance!

    What channels and why have you chosen to archive?

    What channels do you feel redundant in archiving and for what reason?

    Do you have a method/process for saving/archiving other pieces of the video? Title. Description. Comments section? Do you find saving these important? Why or why not?

    What channels have you since archived been taken down or videos restricted? What subject matter seem to be most controversial? If you don’t feel comfortable answering this cause… you know, reddit. Toss a message my way.

  16. I’ve been using youtube-dl lately to scrape videos from Youtube. Coming from torrenting, I’ve always used a VPN to mask my IP.

    You’ve obviously ripped far more than I have. Do you worry about getting a letter from any site you’re scraping? If so, what are you doing to mitigate that?

  17. 30TB. Damn. I archived all my subbed channels recently and I sit at about 5TB 😀

  18. Python 2.7? You monster!

    Just kidding. Nice work! I’ve been thinking about doing something similar for channels I enjoy because YouTube is getting heavy handed with the takedowns lately.

  19. Wow, I only have around 100. Would love to know what channels you archive. I know I am missing some videos of the stuff I archive.

  20. If you’ve got some space I’d point it towards [Unus Annus](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIcgBZ9hEJxHv6r_jDYOMqg). 1 year’s worth of content and then they’re going to Thanos snap it out of existence.

  21. kinda off-topic, but what channels did you archive?

  22. And here all I want is youtube-dl to download a playlist and extract the audio reliably since a lot of royalty free music gets posted to youtube and it’s a hassle to download them otherwise.

  23. Amazing work! Thanks for sharing and I will continue to look at this more closely

  24. Very good read, thanks. I’ve recently started using YouTube-dl to start archiving some of my favourite content.

    However I’m a total novice at all things like this and keep getting a 429 error after like 10-15 videos. I’ll have a look over what you’ve put there.

    Impressive stats.

  25. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge ! What do you know about the « 429-gate » and the download limit ? Is it a daily limitation, black listing ? I never faced this kind of issue and I would like to prevent as much as possible. Thanks !! ?

  26. Is it open source / is there a place where you can download the script and run it yourself?

  27. Feel free to ask me anything about YouTube archiving! Lots I’ve learned through trial and error.