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It’s happened…I’m sick of datahoarding!

*Note: This is my rant and at some level a cry for help, for something that has gone from joy to sorrow.*

*Of course I can’t stop anyone from posting their thoughts, but I really don’t appreciate any “Give it all me me!” posts. I’m planning to put in my will that all the drives are to be physically destroyed upon my death and I’m seriously considering putting a Dead Man’s switch to automatically wipe everything upon that event.*

I recently posted in another thread that I liked hoarding just a little more than I dislike it. Well, I’ve come to realize I dislike it more than like.

The turning point began a couple of days ago as I finally got around to finishing moving the last ~5TB of Linux ISOs to my primarily setup. I dragged it out for a couple of months and still have to fastidiously rename most of the files (I’m very particular about organization) and mirror them to my two local backups.

The final straw was having to prepare an additional 2-3TB that I got since I started the transfer project and knowing I’ll have another 2-3TB in a couple of weeks and again, and again, and again. ARRGHHH!

I won’t give details so this doesn’t come across as a humble brag, but I stopped tallying the hardware costs when I realized it would hit 5 figures over the past 5 years. And my personal madness continues as I’m planning on adding an additional 16-18TB x 3 (for two backups) Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

For me it’s truly an addiction and the only way it will end is if something catastrophic happens and I lose everything and hopefully will have the willpower not to begin again.

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8 Yorumları

  1. *Not consuming what you have?*

    *Got more than you could watch in a lifetime?*

    Maybe ~10% of my hoard are things I regularly follow (series and special) and watch often. The other ~90% is just having it to have it and hopefully getting around to when I retire in about 10 years.

    Thinking about it, I’m following in the footsteps of my Dad. He had hundreds of hours of Japanese dramas that he would “Get to someday.” He passed away unexpectedly at 67 and never did get around to his collection. I took his tapes and tossed them along with my collection of hundreds of tapes and 20+ VCRs in 2017 when we sold the family home.

  2. Thank you all for the suggestions and positive words. I’ve suffered from depression from a very early age (preteen) and have been diagnosed as borderline obsessive/compulsive. A perfect combo for datahoarding truly being a disease.

    Looking back upon it, I’ve always been a hoarder. Over the decades moving from comic books to LPs, then to videocassettes and Laserdiscs and now Linux ISOs. I may be wrong, but I’ll probably find another substitute if I were able to completely stop.

    I truly appreciate your comments that I should find happiness in what I do, I’ve resigned myself that I’ll never be truly happy or unhappy, My life is just as it is, living day by day with datahoarding currently a part of it.

    As for therapy, decades ago I saw a therapist for anger management and I’m much better at least outwardly. After several months of therapy, the doctor told me he had done all he could and I had a choice to continue my medication, Prozac for the rest of my life or stop if I felt I had learned to cope. I chose to stop and haven’t been back to therapy for anything.

    For several months, I’ve been on an anti-depressant for side pains that no doctor is able to determine the cause, so that may play into my current mood(s).

    This thread has been a cathartic experience for me and I truly, truly appreciate your words of encouragement. Hopefully, more importantly, I hope that someone else can also benefit from your words.

  3. Anytime hoarding starts to feel like a chore or work, I slash and burn – Guess what? I don’t miss the 350GB of Minecraft maps I deleted. I also haven’t thought much of the 200GB of STL files I trashed – I don’t even have a 3D printer yet! Do I sometimes think “I wonder if those Minecraft maps will disappear for good?” – Yes, I do. But I can’t hoard EVERYTHING, so someone else who derives joy from those particular files will have to do it.

    Now, my emulation archive and VGM archive on the other hand… the cost/benefit ratio there is completely different. I listen to VGM all day at work and love hearing new OSTs. Try to focus only on what you use for awhile and see if it helps.

    Otherwise, talking to a therapist might be the ticket. Talking through these things may help you, and you deserve to be happy. Good luck!

  4. Having read your post made me suspect that a lot of the data that you’ve hoarded isn’t of any use, interest or worth to you. It’s one of the traps a data hoarder may fall into. While there are some people out there interested in preserving any data that comes out, this isn’t a task for everyone.

    One might have read many posts of people proudly presenting the size of their collections and capacity of their storage pools and try to join this race, unsuspecting how expensive, consuming and indeed addictive it can become. The realisation that all this serves hardly any purpose to you may be really frustrating.

    My advice goes as follows: first stop purchasing any additional hardware. Then take time to look at all your hoard and check, which of the data may be of any real use to you, which are you personally interested in and finally which would you like to be preserved. Way too much data has already been lost forever and that’s one of the main reasons why this sub has so many users.

    Then delete those parts of your hoard that don’t fit any of the aforementioned categories. Next, decide which hardware to keep and try to sell the rest. You may leave some spare storage for the possibility of archiving something in the future.

    >I’m planning to put in my will that all the drives are to be physically destroyed upon my death and I’m seriously considering putting a Dead Man’s switch to automatically wipe everything upon that event.

    Unless the data getting into any hands other than yours may present an emergency to anyone or harm someone (I mean an actual harm, not to be confused with harming someone’s feelings), this is a bad idea. If you think of it, what was all the point then? When you’ll be dead, nobody will be able to do anything to you. One never can be sure what the future is going to bring, by the time of your demise, your archives may even contain the last surviving copies of some data.

    I wish you well, that you manage to defeat your addiction and turn data hoarding back to something beneficial to you.

  5. Back it up, and dump it somewhere, or to some archival site that will gladly take the data. Then just keep what you need and move on with your life.

    When hobbies become chores and lack enjoyment, it’s time to move on.

  6. Did you look for professional help? Like seriously, there are people who’s paid for digging in your head and find out what you do it to yourself. If you know what’s going on, you can fix it alone or with them.

    Or you can still enjoy being insane as we are.

  7. Well,, first step in curing an addiction is realizing you have one.

    But yeah, I feel ya. Was planning out when to start replacing drives in my nas again and came to the conclusion that I did that only two years ago. Then it was ‘hey, maybe I’ll just 10gbe the snot out of my house’ which was swiftly followed by why and a horrific look when I saw the price of switches. Especially when PoE is involved.

    There is always an impulse to spend money on things to improve, but then the sanity takes over and I let it slide for a bit.