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ISP shut down my internet due to my constant internet usage.

Got my home internet shut down yesterday and I thought it was due to some outage in the area. A Comcast technician came in today, and explained to me they wanted to buy me a new cable modem because they thought the one I own has been hacked because its been causing all kind of problems by saturating 80% of their node for the past several months.

I thought this sounded a bit sketchy and decided to probe the issue further with more questions regarding the kind of activity they were observing, and it coincides exactly with the data usage pattern I have.

For what is worth, I have a gigabit connection with Comcast and have been using roughly 50-60TB/month with a constant upload via rclone on Google Drive. It’s apparently enough to cause problems and saturate my local node.

I’ve been using the bandwidth I paid for within their terms, and this data usage seems enough to raise eyebrows and and kneecap their bandwidth capacity.

As a datahoarder, I am probably an outlier when it comes to usage, but I am within my rights to download/upload 24/7 at the speeds I paid for right? Or is Comcast just a very shitty company?


Just for clarification, it is an average of 50TB total bandwidth for the month, but most of it comes from downloads.

The max upstream speed is about 45mbps, but I have been uploading to Google Drives for a while now with about 8-9TB of uploads per month.

They were not having problem with the downstream, but with the upstream. Baffling how 45mbps upstream can saturate their node right?

I paid extra for the gigabit speed package in order to get the fast 45mbps upsteam, and another $50 to waive data cap. I dont run any servers or business from home, no torrent. I am not spoofing their tftp server to get any extra speed from their connection. Everything is their term of services. Just straight backup on Google Drives and the occasional downloads from usenet.

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  1. Find a different internet provider who isn’t shit.

    Oh sorry, forgot that In America, corporations are people, and anti-monopoly rules don’t apply if you can pay off the right people

  2. I am more surprised at Google not throttling your account for uploading 8-9 TBs a month.

  3. Unfortunately, the provider’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) says …


    >IV. Data Consumption
    >**Are there restrictions on data consumption that apply to the Service?**
    >The Service is for commercial use only in a small, medium, or large business as determined by the applicable Business Services Agreement. Therefore, Comcast reserves the right to suspend or terminate Service accounts where data consumption is not characteristic of a typical commercial user of the Service as determined by the company in its sole discretion, or where it exceeds published data consumption limitations. Common activities that may cause excessive data consumption in violation of this Policy include, but are not limited to, numerous or continuous bulk transfers of files and other high capacity traffic using (i) file transfer protocol (“FTP”), (ii) peer-to-peer applications, and (iii) user generated content sites. Your business must also ensure that its use of the Service does not restrict, inhibit, interfere with, or degrade any other person’s use of the Service, nor represent (as determined by Comcast in its sole discretion) an overly large burden on the network. In addition, your business must ensure that its use of the Service does not limit or interfere with Comcast’s ability to deliver and monitor the Service or any part of its network.If your business uses the Service in violation of the restrictions referenced above, that is a violation of this Policy and a breach of your Business Services Agreement. Comcast’s determination of the data consumption for Service accounts is final.


    What does this all mean?

    Every service provider “overbook” the service they are selling. Network admins try to shape the total amount of resources they have, to fulfill the “fair use” of the customers who subscribed this particular contract.

    The typical customer is not capping 24/7 their bandwidth, otherway the provider (for example) should have a connection of 10Gbits RESERVED for ten single 1Gbit users. This is not happening with any commercial service around the world.

    What you are looking for is another kind of service that for sure your provider wil be very happy to give you, as it will probably cost HUNDRED TIMES MORE what you are paying now. Something top-tier professional elite. Something closer to a Data Center traffic data usage.

    Sry for any mistakes, English is not my mothertongue.


    P.S. Out of curiosity … What are you hoarding for “50-60TB/month with a constant upload via rclone on Google Drive”, is it really just a “hobby data hoarding” or there is something different, such as video streams or some “cyberlocker” storage?


    Edit: Some grammar.

  4. It’s like a gym, you pay what $20 for a week and yes you could go there 24/7 and never leave, but really it’s expected and most you’d be there an hour a day, maybe.

    So yeah that’s shit but kinda how business works

  5. >but I am within my rights to download/upload 24/7 at the speeds I paid for right?


    Jeeeeesus fucking christ. **No**. That would’ve cost them so much capacity, money from $/MB transmission to their network peers and possibly complaints from nearby customers if they’re super cheap with architecture.

    That’s not how your ToS would’ve looked at all. And given that you’ve unfortunately already been terminated, it definitely wasn’t.


    e: You’re also telling us these are rclone backups and the sort. You should be capping the upload speeds on these in-general or once any heat comes along. If you just let that back up your whole NAS without brakes or rate limiting.. it’s no wonder.

  6. Why on earth do they think replacing the cable modem would fix the root cause? I feel like 999 times out of a 1000, if a device is hacked, it’s something sitting behind the modem and not the modem itself.

  7. I’m sure they have something in their terms of service that they can use against you even though you are paying for that amount of usage. You are better off just switching over to a business line and avoid the hassle.

  8. I had the same issue with Comcast in Washington state, I filed a complaint with the FCC. I didn’t hear a word form them again and my service was restored immediately once the FCC rep reached out.

    Turns out advertising service and then shutting me off for using that service is considered bad.

  9. Comcast has always been a very shitty company, same for Spectrum/Charter/Bresnan/TWC (and yes, they are all the same conglomerate). I have a friend who pays them $80 a month and gets allegedly 230 Mbps, yet his connection is such shit that he can’t even use Discord or game reliably. There’s a new local fiber ISP in my area, and they hands-down beat 80% of ISP’s in the U.S. in terms of service and reliability (not statistically, just speaking from personal and garnered experience). $50 as a flat rate with no increase or hikes gets you a solid home connection (120 Mbps u/D) with no bias, no scheduling, no caps, nothing. I even tried their gigabit package (full 1Gbps ceiling), and it’s the same story; no caps, no bias, no scheduling, no siphoning, nothing. You pay and you get the service, no bullshit. Oh, and whereas Spectrum would give me 10 outages a day, I’ve had a single outage in over two years.

    Point is, when a small-town fiber ISP can destroy all of the competition in terms of reliability, speed, and price, you know that it’s all about monopolies and greed.

  10. So they have oversold the node. That sounds like comcast alright!

  11. “have been using roughly 50-60TB/month with a constant upload via rclone on Google Drive”

    Think of it as the perspective of any ISP company. If you have two people, paying for the same plan, yet one person uses 1000x more usage then the other and hurts your other customers as a result, what would you do?

    Comcast is a shitty company, yes. But, not because they shut you down for using 60+TB worth of data a month. Any sane company would do that. In fact, I’m surprised they even let you get near that usage in the first place.

    Isn’t the whole point of hoarding so you don’t have to have a constant massive data connection in the first place?

  12. > I am within my rights to download/upload 24/7 at the speeds I paid for right? Or is Comcast just a very shitty company?

    as others have said…

    1. you have no rights, you have only TOS which they explicitly warn you they’re ready to change to their advantage w/o notice.
    2. comcast is a *very* shitty company.

  13. “Rights” have no meaning in this context. You don’t have rights, you have terms of service.

  14. Comcast is just a very shitty company. At&T does this on their fiber plans too. Also very shitty.

  15. Unless you are on one of their rare fiber to the home connections the gig is downstream only. HFC is assymeticial until DOCSIS 4.0 (3.1 is currently deployed) usually gig sevice has about 40 mbps up. Home users are very oversubscribed on the upstream as home users do not upload much. Usually single digit gigs per month. This isnt designed for your use case. You need a business line if you are going to continually upload and then the service will be carved out differently…at a cost. This is all in the terms of service if you read it.

    Source: i have worked in cable for about 20 years.

  16. Devil’s advocate here, they are going to protect their network from bad actors and in the interest of other paying customers.

    I fully understand the “but I pay money”. We all do. That’s nothing special.

    You can’t get through life fully utilizing a system and be surprised when it draws attention.

    Reality is somewhere in between ‘i want to transfer 24/7’ vs ‘they are a shitty company’. What they are doing is looking into something that is unusual. Any good network admin would do that.

  17. It’s a home internet service, so it’s charged at home internet pricing, and provided at home internet service level. What you have is so called *upto* 1gbps, which means they cap your connection to 1gbps and not a lower number, and it’s not “guaranteed” 1gbps which is often provided at dedicated business line or a data center.

    Home internet service is usually shared with your neighbors, and is usually over subscribed to bring the cost down from dedicated bandwidth pricing to home use pricing. And the cost, is **fair share use**, which basically means you can do whatever you want as long as your neighbors are not affected. You can check your agreement and try to find those words.

    Now, talking about comcast side. 60TB/month is nothing on a gigabit line. If comcast is providing gigabit plans, they should upgrade the node to at least multi-gigabit. Claiming a person using only 60TB/month saturating 80% of the node doesn’t make any sense. Very simple math, 60TB/month is 182mbps. Assuming you upload half of the time, then it’s 365mbps. Now they claim you saturated 80% of the node, 365 / 0.8 = 456. If they have a 456mbps node and they sold you gigabit plan, seems like they are having bigger problems.

    At least you deserve a detailed explanation if they refused to resume your internet service.

  18. ” 50-60TB/month” sweet baby jesus hahaha and heres me using 3tb walking around thinking im a bad ass

  19. They know that 99% of customers who buy gigabit will never come to close to using it, so they under engineer the upstream infrastructure to save money. But a single user can break that. What happens next depends on your contract. They may have to suck it up, they may have a clause that says “gigabit but not really” and shut you off.

  20. If a single user with a gigabit connection can saturate a node that’s just poor network design on their part. If you really are saturating the node that would seem to indicate they only have a gigabit up-link from the node to CO, which is sad given that they are selling gigabit to end users on this node. They shouldn’t be selling higher speed packages on a node that can be saturated by a single user.

  21. I think that’s the sort of question you already know the answer to