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Is there a simple method for converting and/or rotating multiple video files with minimal effort?

Whether it be running a publicly hosted powershell script, or any trustworthy software utility, is there any tool that is a relatively simple way to rotate numerous video files (bonus if format agnostic), or to convert numerous video files to another format (whether lossless or re-encoded)?

I’ve got a lot of home-made video files which, especially back in the day before I was smart enough to think much about it, I filmed holding my phone or camera sideways. I’m wondering if there’s a way to just pick a list of videos in a folder/directory (or an entire folder) and set a script or a software program to work rotating them all automatically. I expect this could be time consuming and/or resource intensive, and I would expect that each batch would need to be rotated the same direction and number of degrees, but anything that could make this process less cumbersome than using avidemux, which is what I’ve been using, would be great.

Meanwhile, I have a lot of videos in older cellphone formats and I’d love a method for converting those to something better-supported (i.e. MP4, etc.). Ideally I’d like to make this as lossless (including audio) as possible, but it would be nice to have the option to re-encode to x264 or 265 for some videos with massive file sizes that hog up an amount of space that feels difficult to justify at times.

Any tips at all or pointers about programs, including those that cost money, would be appreciated. I’ve searched the web quite a bit but have only found solutions that are incredibly slow and/or complicated and certainly nothing that I can execute on multiple videos at once or in a series without queuing up each one manually after another has finished. I don’t mind paying for software but without knowing if it’s reliable, trustworthy, or if it even works at all prevents me from cracking open my wallet, so your reviews would be valuable.

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  1. Why not try Handbrake? I believe it can do batch processing, job queuing and it has some settings to do rotation and simple operations like scaling, resizing and adding black boxes/borders, and cropping to aspect ratio etc.

  2. Just fyi, on many popular formats, it’s possible to rotate them losslessly as they can contain orientation metadata.

  3. i’d suggest you search on r/ffmpeg for “batch conversion”.

  4. Write a single script for ffmpeg to do all media in a directory