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Is the Define 7 XL still the top case choice for holding several hard drives?

For the past several months I’ve been eyeing the Define 7 XL but also hoping that something else would come along and take it’s crown. But It doesn’t seem like anything’s come along at all. I currently have 8 drives in a Define R5 that’s falling apart, and I expect to add 4 to 6 more drives soon (I am missing a lot of the original mounts, so only 7 of my drives are mounted, and one sits off to the side).

Is there anything that can hold more drives than the Define 7 XL? I’m trying to futureproof as much as I possibly can, (aside from getting a rackmount case).

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6 Yorumları

  1. Corsair 750D if you buy more drive trays. It comes with two trays installed with a capacity of three.

    So, five drive trays, possibly six dependent on the motherboard size for a total of 15 or 18 drives is possible.

    Also, if you don’t use the three 5.25 inch bays for Blu-Ray or DVD players… that’s just space for three more drives using adapters, bringing it to a theoretical 21 drives.

  2. I’ve got 18 HDD in a Nanoxia Deep Silence 6 lol. Really looking forward to moving this thing in a few weeks…

  3. /u/KnyteTech commented in the Black Frida Megathread that he prefers the Meshify 2 XL. His original comment is [here](https://old.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/qwueuw/black_friday_mega_thread/hl6u8a0/):

    >Having built in both, there’s a few key differences.

    >1) the meshify doesn’t include all the hard drive racks with the case, which is super dumb. Once you at them in, the price is about the same.

    >2) You’ll hear the hard drives a little more.

    >3) But you can run lower speed fans for equivalent cooling, so it’s kind of a wash in terms of overall noise if you choose your fans well.

    >4) I like the hard drive racks better in the 7, but I like the rest of the layout of the meshify better.

    >If you have a 7xl, I likely would switch. If you have neither, is probably lean towards the meshify, unless you’re buying loud hard drives (WD blacks, for example)

  4. You can always look at “Chia rigs” built for tons of hdd space.

    But I just moved into a define 7xl last week, and I love it.