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Is my boss being weird?

I (25F) just joined a new workplace. My boss (65M) really admires my work, and he took a really great liking of me. He often invites me over to his office and just talks about family, professional stuff, and everyday life. Nothing creepy, very much like how a grandfather would talk.

Today, when I came to his office, he shook my hand and kissed it. I did not expect this as this is the first time he greeted me this way, and this isn’t very common in both of our cultures, especially in a work environment. It is, however, a gesture that their culture often does with family, albeit rarely with the opposite gender. However, I assumed this is because he sees me as a grandchild, and just brushed it off.

I told my bf (28M) about it, and he said that this is inappropriate. He then started saying that he will not be kissing my hand anymore and has treated me coldly since. Any advices?

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  1. Putting your mouth on someone else’s body is intimate and very weird in a professional setting, unless you’re married, and even then, it’s frowned upon. Your bf is right, it IS inappropriate, but he’s acting like a child about it. You didn’t ASK for that contact. Your boss was inappropriate, and your boyfriend needs to support you instead of acting like you cheated or something.

  2. Its totally expected that your bf doesnt want another man kissing your hand. Just tell your boss that kissing your hand makes your uncomfortable and he needs to stop.

  3. I leave the BF part out.
    If you didn’t feel comfortable with your boss actions better explain to him how you feel and politely ask him to stop.
    Harassment of any form is when you don’t like it and you say it. Otherwise is called flirt or Compliment or tease.

  4. Just saw your post history OP, sorry to change the topic but your boyfriend is a POS.

    This boss situation is interesting, I would give it time and if there are any further physical advances I would speak to a coworker asking if they’ve had a similar situation. Also if/when needed for him calling you to the office, maybe try keeping the conversation to work and try to decrease time in his office and say “I’m gonna get back to ___, thanks for your input on it!” Trying to minimize time together.

    You BF though, OOF! Just from reading your post it’s obvious you are not extremely fond of this boss situation, and I assume that carried over in the conversation with your BF, so it is extremely unnecessary for him to set jealousy based boundaries, and truly provide no helpful feedback.

    Your bf if punishing your a situation you do not wish to be in putting loads of unnecessary stress onto your shoulders and now leaving you with nobody (except for friends/family?) you can be comforted by in this unfortunate work and home situation!

    Please for Christ’s sake do not allow the four years you have been in this relationship be reason to stay any longer. I understand it is hard to look back on all the time and energy you’ve given in those 4 years and for it to have been working towards nothing, but your relationship will NOT get any better with such and immature and non compassionate partner.

    Your previous post about your bf, it seems like you are good at communicating your feelings and wishes from him, and my “take home” from reading your post says he does NOTHING in return. Even giving him the clearest of directions “___ would be the perfect gift for me, since you needed help finding what to get me” and he tells you “if you want it you get it (for yourself”. Absurd.

    Please love yourself OP, you are all you truly have, and it sounds like your partner is draining love life and energy from you.

    I wish the best for your work and home situation.

  5. Not cool for your friend to react to you that way. Your boss is guilty of sexual harassment. Your next step should be not to meet your boss privately if at all possible. Tell your boyfriend to get a grip.

  6. Regardless of what you think about your boss, it sounds like your bf is needy and insecure.