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Is it likely that my ISP will terminate the contract over this?

upfront i am from central europe and we dont have strict data caps like in the US.

So three months ago i finally built my new Nas (number four) and since then i discovered many new things like YT DLP (used previously sth else that was only 1080p, mp4 and no metadata), but also things like selfhosting a linux repo and other stuff. Since i wanted a clean copy of all my favorite YT channels with metadata etc, i decided to just redownload everything (400+ channels) and just add the videos that arent online anymore, manually from my old database.

Things run very well and i have a lot of fun, but i forgot a bit about traffic….
(bc i was like yeah i got unlimited so its not going to be a big deal and its not going to be that much after all and then i forgot about it bc everything was just running in background)

Yesterday i checked storage usage and was kinda shocked that over 70tb where already used, then i checked the wan traffic on my router and it was 53,82tb in last 30 days…..

Now i am quite afraid that my isp might terminate my plan… has this happened to others from here in the past? I checked the contract and it just says fair use but no definition of that

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  1. You guys really have nothing to complain about.

    Try having Internet in Canada and you’ll feel the REAL pain of what having limited Internet is.

    70TB per month? We can only dream of such speeds here.

  2. I’ve been averaging 10TB of Linux ISOs per month for the past 6 months with Cox. No big deal.

  3. No. Unlimited means unlimited in Europe. They can cancel you at any time when your contract renews, though.

    Still, I wouldn’t worry about it.

  4. You say Central Europe, if I extrapolate from what I heard about ISPs from Czechia and Slovakia, they fully expect some people to be power users.

    From my experience in Western Europe, the worst case would be that they ask you to switch to a business contract if this happens regularly. If it’s not in the contract, then you don’t have to worry.

    Happy hoarding!

  5. I would think you’re fine being in the EU where company stated policies like ‘Unlimited’ actually hold water. Unlike the US where they say unlimited and then fuck you as soon as they realize they can extract more dollars out of you.

  6. Personally i think they would probably start throttling you before terminating you, they always have the fair usage act and can say you are “impeding other customers”. So i would think that once they notice/care they would just slow you down once you hit a certain amount.

  7. Not sure where in the EU you are but I worked for an ISP in the UK and the ‘Fair Use’ policy was also not clearly defined but internally it was ”residential, personal use” So as long as you are not running a business or allowing all of your neigbours access you would be fine within the UK that is.
    In saying that though I do believe that at that time most laws were very similar across the EU.
    I came across many accounts that had very high useage but we were only looking for people comitting fraud not downloading, unless of course a copyright claim came in, which was beyond my area.

  8. If they raise it with you and you can get away with it, you can always try to play the part of a bewildered luddite.

    Back in the late 90s, we had a cable internet connection in the days where most people were still on dialup and a T3 line was something for Hollywood studios and ISPs. When we got our T2-grade line, my father went a little crazy with the Napster/Audiogalaxy/etc and managed to download something like over 100GB of music. In my country we absolutely have data caps, and our data cap was ~10GB with overages billed in increments of 100MB. Needless to say, our bill at the end of the month could have bought a new car.

    My father found his refuge in audacity — he amped up the Confused Old Man act, and then after making the guy explain to him how much data 100GB was, doggedly insisted that he couldn’t have downloaded “one hundred bigibytes” (or something). It took him something like 2 hours, but they reduced the overage charge from thousands of dollars down to one or two hundred.

  9. Almost 0% chance be terminated. Sleep easily at night knowing you have all the data now, and don’t worry

  10. Former customer service here: they’ll let you know before taking further action, usually over 3 months, …”unlimited traffic” doesn’t usually mean unlimited traffic, there’s probably a “Fair Use” clause, in it the say how much traffic they think a usual customer might use, it was over 10 years ago i think maybe 65 GB per month (again this was over 10 years ago, at 15 Mbps). Today i have this much on my cellphone plan and at triple the speed…. i really wouldn’t advise continuing to do it after the first warning, after 3 warnings a company lawyer sends you a formal letter telling you to fuck off or they’ll take you to court

  11. Do not worry – first They call you or sent letter. Usually They plain don’t care, because you after all use only what They gave you.

    If i estimated your country correctly, you have nothing to worry about.

  12. I don’t think you have much to worry about, kids nowadays use bandwidth heavily for video streaming or video game streaming (like Stadia or GeforceNow), so you may be above average heavy-usage but not by much, just normalize your utilization for the next couple of months to be on the safe side.

  13. Yes, with an even higher TB count in shorter timeframe 🙂

    Never had a problem.

  14. Typically, the ISP will warn you before the terminate the service. If you were getting complaints about “illegal” content every day, they’d react harsher, but just using too much bandwidth is relatively a minor offense. Of course, depending on the employee that notices and deals with it, they could decide to be extreme and make an example out of you.

  15. Depends on the ISP, but they can and will suspend service if your usages are outside what they consider “fair use”. My brother in law had them threaten to cancel, so he moved to a commercial account without those restrictions.

    I pre-emptively got a business account, and have no issues despite sometimes comical amounts of traffic. Ironically, the business connection is $20 LESS a month than the residential connection.

  16. I would stop outgoing traffic that’s not for my own use.

  17. my isp has the same limit, but in the contract is specified that you can use in fair limits. but no one says what it means.

  18. Only if they get a complaint from yt. They agreed to the unlimited data so I can’t imagine them making a fuss about that.