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Invited RepostSleuthBot

We are getting repost spam from karma farming bots. To help combat this, we have invited RepostSleuthBot to the party, which should aid in tracking down the offenders.

Currently, the bot will only leave a comment on posts that it thinks are duplicates. It will not remove those posts automatically. Instead, we ask that you help look at the potential offender’s history to see if they seem like a bot. If so, report the post as spam to call our attention to it so we can ban the evil bots. If the post is legit, then no action needs to be taken – just ignore the bot.

I am going to be leaving this post sticked for a week or two so we can collect community feedback and possibly tweak configuration values (to the extent there are options available). Please keep any comments here focused on that. Thanks, and happy hunting!

Edit: Everything seems to be going well, so I am locking the thread for history. If you have problems, please direct them to [modmail](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=/r/DataHoarder) now.

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  1. yes, please.

    it’s a bit like other subreddits like /r/notliketheothergirls where people will post the same thing such as the same meme picture and it gets boring. wonder if the repost bot works for the text of is it just picture?

    also would be useful where any images that are posted, the bot is automaticlly summoned.

  2. Maybe now we’ll stop seeing people asking the same “what do you hoard” posts over and over again.

  3. There is an important difference between spam and crossposting.

    Crossposting (posting a link to more than one sub in which the link is relevant) is perfectly legal; in fact, Reddit even provides a ‘crosspost’ facility to help its users do that.

    Per /r/economy/: “Spam = actual spam. Example: “I made $67,053 on google last week. Click here to find out how!” Again, ‘spam’ is not an article you don’t like. Spam is a sleazy advertising gimmick or a phishing attempt. Stop wasting our time with fake spam reports!”

  4. I might be completely out of the loop here, but what is the end goal of a “karma farming bot”? Can karma be translated into money or goods somehow? If not, what’s the value of doing it?

  5. I feel like putting the onus on users is gonna be a lot less effective than having it automated. You should check and see how many false positives there are, and if there are hardly any, you should probably make it automated.

    edit: why the downvotes for my observation?

  6. The only risk is that it might automatically tag the hdd deals due to having the same url for the SKU? Might be a good thing tho to compare price history?

  7. Thank you!

    Is this tool available to all subreddits?

    A few of my favorite obscure subreddits get a lot of those.