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Inventor of cassette tape Lou Ottens passes away at 94

Inventor of cassette tape Lou Ottens passes away at 94

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32 Yorumları

  1. “passes away at 94”

    That is very early. Must have happened during the first or second song, as the counter goes all the way up to 999.

  2. He’s not dead.

    You just don’t have auto-reverse.

  3. Well I still repair cassette decks. Dubbed a few records with my nakamichi MR-1 in rememberence today.

  4. *Please rest your pencils in respect*

    My most enjoyable music experience was when I made my own mixtape from in a Personics machine in my local MusicLand store. I wore that tape into dust. I can replicate the playlist in Spotify or any streaming service, but the magic just *isn’t the same*.

  5. When I was a kid I was an avid collector. At some point I had around 800 cassettes. Today I have like 250 from that old collection. RIP Lou ?

  6. I remember when our neighbor bought a new stereo and it had a cassette player instead of an 8-track. I was like “why did you get one without an 8-track?” He said “the guy at the stereo store said they’re on their way out.” I was shocked. HUH?

    Shows how much I knew at 10 years old. 😀

    Mixtapes FTW.

    RIP, good sir, and godspeed.

  7. Crazy how back then, I was happy to simply have *a* recording of Lou Bega’s Mambo No 5, not even thinking about quality. Nowadays I live in constant worry that one bit in my flac of Twice’s Truth flips and I never notice, leaving me forever with a completely inaudible error in my file that has no effect on anything but ruins the *true, authorative information* that defines the song.

  8. A smaller form factor is that big of a deal? What part did he invent actually? Sounds like he only designed it not invented it. All this technology already existed.


    Its called compact cassette. This is a bit of a stretch.

  9. I heard when the coffin was being lowered into the ground it got stuck halfway.

  10. Was it really invented by 1 guy and not like a team of engineers?

  11. Sad that he saw his “child” die before he passed

  12. I hope future generations will know how this man changed the way people listened to music… R.I.P

  13. Inventing the thing that he is holding in front of his eye is SOOOO clever. But where can I buy a bigger version of that shell? My tape reels seem to be of a nonstandard, much bigger size.

  14. I was obsessed with cassette tapes when I was a kid. I loved rewinding them, recording on them, fast forwarding while simultaneously holding down the play button…. I loved the echos of previous recordings on ’empty’ space between songs….

    I loved the smell of them, how they sounded when you got them out of the cassette.

  15. This is why “*Happy new year*” is nonsense.

    *Happy new year* = one year closer to death, bodies and hard drives alike.

  16. My favourite media of the 90’s, wildly abused by me for recording and re-recording anything that was passing on radio and cd lent by friends.

  17. Oh damnn, that’s so sad…Absolute legend. Rest in piece Mr Ottens

  18. Stick a pencil in him and twirl it clockwise (if it’s on the left side) or counterclockwise (on the right) and he’ll spring back to life for a few more plays at least. 😀

  19. Well under 30 here. A full understanding of them is foreign to me but I definitely know *of* them.

  20. The thing is there were other formats. The eight track which offered much faster access to content but the cassette ruled them all. It was *so* convenient. The other thing was the Walkman. Phillips made some nice little cassette recorders but the idea of personal and portable audio remained a thing with Sony. One of the aspects of Guardians of the Galaxy was the reference to the mix tape on cassette and the Walkman.

    Of course those of us who grew up with the early days of personal computers also had a love hate relationship with the audio cassette. Digital tapes were widely in use professionally but both media and players were so expensive. So many early PCs used cassettes.

    *The eight track ended up being the goto for jingle and ad storage at radio stations.

  21. I’m gonna burn my cassette copy of Jimi At Monterey in his honor.

  22. RIP. Does anybody under the age of 30 even know what a cassette tape is? I had many years of joy recording cassettes of my music. Mix tapes, two full albums on one tape. Seemed I was always erasing over them to record some priceless live broadcast on the radio. Thank you Lou Ottens.