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i’m in love with my significant other(20M), and i(21F) don’t want to be an asshole, but sometimes i’m very unattracted to him.

i’ve been with my boyfriend for over half a year, and i love him very much. a very sweet man, and takes care of me. he has never had a girlfriend before, whereas i’ve had a few past relationships. sometimes he says or does things that go too far, or are offensive as ‘jokes’, usually around friends, which i get mad at, or is insensitive towards me but other than that it’s smooth sailing.

my boyfriend is on the bigger side, and i’ve never been with anyone of his stature before. i don’t have a problem with that, but sometimes i will catch myself not wanting to hold his hand in public because we might run into people i know. and i feel awful for it. i love his smile and his eyes, but realistically, he’s not ‘conventionally atttractive’. on top of that, his hygiene is questionable sometimes. he says he washes up well and whatnot, however, his living space is quite filthy and always makes me feel dirty after a night of sleeping over. when i go down on him, i never can enjoy it because it just smells putrid. then i look back at him, and just feel very unattracted.

some of his tendencies create a strong dislike as well… and after i get annoyed, everything adds up and i spiral into feelings of disgust but remorse for feeling that way, and overthinking all these little things. i’ve never told him any of these things, as i don’t want to hurt his feelings, or be a shitty person. and despite getting an ‘ick’ from him sometimes, i want to be with him, and i love him very much. i’m not sure what i can do to keep the relationship dynamic the same, but improve my attraction to him. i don’t want this to become a problem for me down the line.

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  1. maybe try talking with him about it but if you get the ick i don’t think it’ll work out. i’ve had a similar situation, and talked with them and tried dieting and working out together but it seems one sided (i’m the only one actually doing it) and then it’s little things that keep turning me off so the ick never really goes away. you probably will never be attracted to them if this is how you feel right now, even though you’re in love. sometimes it’s not fixable

  2. I think you are just comfortable in this relationship and I don’t see it going long term. I would move on, theres someone that you will be more attracted too and want to hold their hand etc. its basically just a sign that you aren’t that into him. When you get close to finding your match there starts to be minor things that you can’t get past.

  3. How much does he weigh? I’m trying to understand the not wanting people to see you together. I can’t wrap my head around that. I date someone who is considered to be overweight. However this does not embarrass me because I love him and think he’s amazing and others think so too. Maybe come out as a couple publicly and get it over with. If your friends and acquaintances have an issue then they’re probably superficial and you don’t need them anyway.

    The hygiene is a different story. Just tell him you’re a clean gal and you prefer he takes a shower daily. I’m sure he would change that for you.

  4. The hygiene stuff needs to be addressed. Not gonna lie though, the rest of it makes you seem a bit shallow i.e. not wanting to hold hands because of what someone else may think, and if you’re not attracted to him now you may never be.

  5. talk to him about his hygiene, especially if that is a consistent issue.