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I’m going to be homeless, and out of time to learn this – can someone please provide the syntax to download an entire channel off youtube for Youtube-DLP?

* In a few days I’m being evicted
* I’m asking for help because I’ve been busy working, packing, cleaning
* I will not have internet where I’ll be living (Rural / Agricultural area)

I’d like to download multiple Youtube channels so I have content to watch while being homeless and without internet.

I tried youtube-DL but Youtube has throttled downloads, I found youtube-DLP works, but don’t understand the syntax needed, and lack the time to fix this myself amongst my other pressing obligations.

If someone could please run me through how to:

* Download an entire channel, in 480/720P
* To a folder (E:Youtube *CHANNELNAME*)

Then I’d be so happy.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/user/videogamedunkey/videos

Thank you so much if anyone has any help. I’m sure I could learn all that I need to do, but the last 20 minutes has left me feeling really incapable of doing that on my timetable. Thank you again.

EDIT: If possible does anyone know how to download an entire subreddits multimedia content without constant monitoring and reconfiguring?

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8 Yorumları

  1. I don’t have a command for 480/720p, but those 2 options will help you with throttling problem which you will eventually face with any youtube-dl fork (requires youtube-dlp):

    > –throttled-rate 100K –extractor-args “youtube:player_client=android”

  2. Are the videos free? I did not know YouTube had ‘subscription only’ access to some channels.


    Your a smart guy, judging from the format of your post. Think positive thoughts and keep walking towards your goal and you will succeed

  3. Bro, speaking as a concerned observer your first priority should be finding a place to stay that’s not cold/exposed. Post in the reddit for your city if you haven’t already, there are various agencies that may be able to help.

    And if you have a half-price books store in your area, maybe invest in a few several-hundred-page paperbacks or free stuff on Kindle

    Edit: PM me if you have Cash app on your phone

  4. download and use tartube. have it use yt-dlp

    add the channels you want, and it’ll download everything for you.

  5. yt-dlp -i –download-archive G:\Documents\yt-dl_stuff\lotsofurls.txt -f “bv*+ba/b” -o “G:\youtube/%(playlist)s/%(playlist_index)s – %(title)s.%(ext)s” –merge-output-format mkv –geo-bypass -a G:\Documents\yt-dl_stuff/lists.txt –no-part


    yt-dlp –download-archive G:\Documents\yt-dl_stuff\slrufostol.txt -i –playlist-reverse –continue –no-part -i –add-metadata –all-subs –embed-subs -f “bv*+ba/b” –output “D:\youtube channels/%(playlist)s/%(upload_date)s – %(title)s.%(ext)s” -a G:\Documents\yt-dl_stuff/reverse.txt –geo-bypass

    I don’t think the geo-bypass works.

  6. This is what I use. Not sure if youtube-dlp is the same, but this works with no throttling every time I tried it. Replace the channel id at the end (don’t use the full http address) with the playlist id you want (it will start with PL probably)

    yt-dlp -o ‘~/Videos/%(playlist_title)s/%(playlist_index)s_%(title)s.%(ext)s’ -f 18 -i UUsvn_Po0SmunchJYOWpOxMg

    Try this if you are not on linux, the difference is you might not already have a Video folder:

    yt-dlp -o ‘%(playlist_title)s/%(playlist_index)s_%(title)s.%(ext)s’ -f 18 -i UUsvn_Po0SmunchJYOWpOxMg

    Good luck. I’ve been there. Just remember life can and will change.

    (I edited it to have the playlist you were looking for)

  7. Here’s mine:

    yt-dlp –merge-output-format mkv –format bestvideo+bestaudio –continue –no-overwrite –no-cache-dir –ignore-errors –embed-chapters –output ‘[%(uploader)s] %(title)s.%(ext)s’ –convert-thumbnails jpg –embed-thumbnail “url/channel/etc”

    Good luck!