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IKEA budget drive cage

IKEA budget drive cage

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22 Yorumları

  1. Well it looks like the weekend that I spent designing and 3D printing almost the exact same thing was time well spent ?

  2. The problem is that the drive is very susceptible to movement I created mine with Aluminum U profiles. 30mm U profiles with 2mm thickness works like a charm. [half of it](http://www.hakkah.net/_h5ai/public/cache/thumbs/thumb-4c40e0360f9d339bfc362b5f0fa93172efe0fe33-320×240.jpg) and a bit [further along](http://www.hakkah.net/_h5ai/public/cache/thumbs/thumb-41d816e3cc48e5cebde3758e79adff12d69c51b8-320×240.jpg). This is floating on door insulation strips so 0 noise and snug fits.

  3. Ooo… that’s not a bad idea. There’s even a little room there to install foam tape for vibration isolation.

  4. How big are the pegs might be able to slap some rubber tube on there cut down on vibrations and also hold them in place a but better

  5. as silly as it sounds, it makes perfect sense. my only concern would be the disks slipping out laterally

  6. I’d be fairly concerned with vibration damage,given the drives are not tightly held in place.

  7. Honestly, I’d rather use something like this: https://www.ebay.de/itm/5-x-3-5-Zoll-Festplatteneinbaurahmen-HDD-Drive-Cage-Backplane-Hot-Swap-K-fig-/324144114015

    Even has a better value proposition.
    ~$15, comes with drive sleds, can mount a fan.

  8. Is it bad to put them vertically? Especially at an angle?

  9. This would work really well if you ran power+network into a kitchen cupboard. Use a bunch plate holders for actual plates, then every time you need to expand server storage *accidentally* drop a plate.

  10. Ever consider putting a soft rubber pad under those drives? Reduce noise and vibration. But great ikea, I mean idea. 😀

  11. Now we just need to figure out how to rack mount Ikea products!

  12. I was certain this was a joke. But you actually did it, you crazy son of a bitch.

  13. I came across this very budget (and borderline inappropriate in this hardcore storage subreddit) method to organizing my running disks connected on my open bench.

    Plate holders!

    Works great for $5 so I thought I would share.

    IKEA link: [https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/ostbit-plate-holder-bamboo-90322360/](https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/ostbit-plate-holder-bamboo-90322360/)

    In use: [https://imgur.com/a/POeftt2](https://imgur.com/a/POeftt2)