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I think I’ve found a great way to web-dl online content and have some questions about it

First, after much searching I’ve found a program that seems to be capable of grabbing content from sites such as Netflix, etc and making a web-dl of it, with visually great quality. I’m not sure to what extent I can (or should) talk about it, but I know that I want to share it here so others can be aware of it if they want to know about it. I’d appreciate any information on the subject that the community can share with me.

Second, I’m pretty sure that this program, like with several programs I also know of, uses some form of Widevine decryption, I’m guessing L3 since it’s been cracked for some time (but I’m not sure), and multiple methods of getting content this way exist and a few public tools have been made that, some better than others, take advantage of it to download and decrypt streaming content. Then, I believe if no additional encoding is done on the resulting decrypted file, it’s called a web-dl, and if there is significant encoding or converting done, then it’s considered a webrip or something else. I’m pretty sure this program doesn’t use L1 keys because they are hard to come by unless you are very lucky and they actually work and haven’t been revoked or something. I’ve been tracking a lot of places, posts, websites, and so on about all things related to this.

Third, some light technical information. But I don’t get into too much detail unless people really want to know and want to discuss. I’ve tested this program, and it produces this kind of content. 1080p and below resolution for Netflix and Amazon, 720p for Hulu and Disney+, and HBO Max is hit or miss but it is technically supported so I didn’t test it as much as I did the other four. Bitrates and visual quality appear to be great compared to the other programs I’ve tested. Resulting files are encoded in High profile and not main for whatever reason, with x264 shown in MediaInfo and H264 shown in the Plex file info. When watching the 720p content from Disney+ and to a lesser extent Hulu, it looks pretty close to 1080p, but I can definitely tell it’s not true 1080p. (At least it’s 720p with a great bitrate instead of 1080p with low bitrate like what yify does.)

Edit: I’ve changed my mind about the secrecy. It’s unlikely that this program/method may be patched, at least in the near future, so it’s better if I just share the program and some details about it outright so people can take a look themselves instead of wondering what I might be talking about sort of indirectly.

This program is called myFilmDownloadUpon checking the logs, it appears that it’s requesting the video/audio segments directly from the provider’s CDN, resulting in high quality 720p/1080p video, and whatever audio the provider chooses to serve a chrome browser.

Netflix and Amazon: 1080p with up to DDP 5.1 audioDisney+ 720p with up to Dolby Atmos audioHulu 720p with only english audio and subtitlesHBO Max: technically supports up to 4K quality with DDP 5.1 audio, but keeps giving an error so hit or miss for me right now

Program can download multiple subtitle files (original format or convert to .srt) and mux in multiple audio tracks (muxing subtitles coming in the future accordng to support team)

Up to this point I’ve tried several supposed “downloaders” (pulls content straight from the source servers but may also re-encode the files to a lesser format and visual quality before exporting as a finished file)as well as a couple “recorders” (records the content in real time and converts to a really lossy format that is inferior to the original source)

I’ve tried the following with some success but ultimately kept looking as they had their downsides: (Will update at a later time)

FlixGrab (freegrabapp), FlixGrab+: “downloads” up to 1080p video and whatever audio is being served. bad quality since it seems to heavily re-encode after downloading. 1/10 Wouldn’t recommend. FlixGrab supports multiple providers, FlixGrab+ is Netflix only.

PlayOn: records in real time, max quality 720p seems to encode on the poorer side. supports multiple providers, some may work, others may not work.

PlayOn Cloud: May update later with some details

FlixiCam/Kigo/Tunepat: FlixiCam is Netflix only. Kigo and tunepat support multiple providers, but search function is weird at times. downloads up to 1080p video and whatever audio it’s being served, ok quality but not the best. has a queue system so you can usually let it run in the background. unfortunately does some re-encoding while it’s “processing”. has options for muxing audio and subtitles in with the video or keep the subtitles external .srt format.

Audials: Real-time screen recorder. supports a variety of video and audio formats but all but one format are locked to “premium” users with a license. since it’s a screen recorder, would not recommended if you want the output to be of any quality. supports multiple providers, basically all at 720p since that’s the maximum that chrome/chromium edge/firefox can support for most providers.

AnyStream (Redfox): dare I say “true” web-dl downloader. downloads the video/audio in segments and can mux subtitles in or keep them external as .srt. supports Amazon, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max. only Amazon, Disney+, and Netflix are available to “basic users”. This program has a “token bucket” which limits the number of downloads that can be done, more info on that can be found on their website. Note, for HBO Max, the “ad-free plan” works a lot better with AnyStream since the “with ads plan” has some problems, so if you want to download HBO Max content with this program without much hassle or hitches you’re going to want the “ad-free plan” for the best experience.

myFilmDownload (the best program here imo and for good reason)
-Downloads video/audio segments and subtitles directly from the provider’s CDN network server
-According to MediaInfo, this seems to output the best quality files that I’ve seen from any of the other programs.
-Supports up to
1080p video and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio for Netflix and Amazon,
720p and Dolby Atmos (with EAC3/Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 also included) for Disney+,
720p and aac/he-aac audio Hulu.
HBO Max technically supports up to 4K video quality and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio. not currently working for me because of an error, but I hope that the support team will be able to fix it sometime in the future.
–Doesn’t have any download restrictions so you can have at it for grabbing content from any supported service. I’m still figuring out if it has a true queue system, will update if I can figure it out.

For a quick comparison on a certain tv show, every program other than myFilmDownload seem to only grab an episode in about 2,000kbps video bitrate, but myFilmDownload is able to grab in about 4,000kbps bitrate, so for me that’s the deal right there.


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  1. You can get dsnp only with a L1 for videos 1080p and above, L3 would get u only upto 720p moreover atvp gives you around sd at max with a L3,for 720p and greater, L1 is required, moreover Hulu can be done upto 4k with a L3 and amzn would does require L1 cdm for 1080p or a chrome cdm to get 1080p, nf the way ur doing of course requires a L1 for hevc and dv and hdr profiles and L3 just gives u around 1080p both profiles at max and moreover hmax would work with a L3 upto 4k,and secondly for groups and such,it’s pretty stupid to form as all the required files are already done by other groups,so why to waste ur previous time!!!! Moreover it’s the satsuoni’s guesser that you might be using for the content keys, don’t worry it’s gonna be patched soon (2209 RIP)

  2. If I can offer a bit of advice, do not form any kind of release group with strangers from /r/piracy. This sub is mostly filled with very, very green people, and to properly grab and release web-dl’s requires more than just technical knowledge. It’s about doing it safely and trusting the people you work with. There’s a reason why the relatively few groups that are doing this regularly have their internal release channels, whether it’s scene or private trackers.

    Besides, every single movie or show on these streaming services are already being released by other people. It seems unnecessary, as a beginner, to risk anything for basically no benefit.

    That’s just my opinion, though. You do what you want.