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I know what i want for christmas!

I know what i want for christmas!

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  1. This is why I just use a Jbod in my PC with 22Hot swap bays and LTO8 for backup. Getting full = buy another 12TB and shuck it and another tape. I only have to do that about 3 times a year (mostly just collect movies). All 22 bays will be full eventually, but that’s what the hot swap part is for.

  2. I’ve been sitting at 95-98% full for the past 6m. Don’t have money to throw at the nas right now.

  3. I feel you, my array is comically small compared to yours but I filled 4TB this year and I’m proud of it.

  4. I just finished (well, the last parity check is 70.89% done) upgrading my DS1019+ to 16 TB drives, and put my old 8 TB drives into a Yottamaster 5 bay enclosure in RAID5, hooked up to my main PC via USB3.

    So I should be ok for at least a little while longer.

    Do you plan to upgrade your drives or get an expansion unit?

  5. I want to make a fort out of all these easystore boxes

  6. Oof. My NAS is now at 80% use. Less than 17tb free out of 90 total. Gonna have to start deleting some old backups at this rate.

  7. 2TBs for me are enough to keep my games , photos and data

  8. Hey maybe I don’t understand exactly how SHR works exactly. But your flair says you have 60TB total and your storage pool is ~42TB set up. Can you give me a little more insight how you have this set up?

  9. Mines the same. Have about 3tb left in the array. But I do have another drive waiting to go in. Just holding off until this upload has finished

    Then I’ll have to start looking at something new once this final disk has filled up as I’ll have ran out of free bays

  10. Just wait for when your array gets larger and adding/replacing a single drive isn’t enough to get you out of the red.

  11. Me too!

    My Storj array is in the red/Synology is being overly dramatic about it, but I’m torn on getting a few bigger drives or more smaller ones

    The other volume I’ve got is 27TB and my friends are inquiring about renting the space on it

  12. Hey! I’ve seen that before. In fact, I think it comes around once a quarter!

  13. Have you empty the recycle bins of your Synology? 🙂

  14. That’s what I get for Christmas. I only have 4x 1TB drives – 1 TB of redundancy. Now I get 2x 12 TB due to WD Elements being on sale on black friday. Desperately needed, since I only have 30 GB of free space left, but about 1,5 TB scattered among other drives

  15. I am so close to needing one too. Maybe I will throw in a raspberry pi while I am at it since I’ve been wanting to replace my plex server with a raspberry pi.

  16. What do you have for 37 TB, just a curious question. I am started to get into videos, is that mostly videos?

  17. My server has been full for months. I just don’t have the money to spend on hard drives. I’ve had to…ugh…it pains me to say it, *delete* data to make way for slightly more important data. I’ll never get rid of the guilt I feel.

  18. All I want for Christmas is more hard drive space, more hard drive space, more hard drive space.