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I just stopped the hoarding

So I just deleted 5TB worth of movies I never watch and then sold my 2×12 Tb drives. To think I had a NAS with >32TB at some point…

I decided/realised that the senseless hording itself made my unhappy and had me constantly occupied with backing things up, noisy hardware and fixing server infrastructure.

No more, my important data now fits on 2×5 TB 2.5 inch drives + offsite backup.

No idea what the point of this post is but I kind of needed to let it out ??

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45 Yorumları

  1. I stopped doing my metadata project for indexing porn, deleting around 250TB worth of porn in the process.

  2. Was this your goodbye post? Deleting is almost sacrelige.

  3. Is this the beginning of r/exDataHoarder ?
    I’m asking, cause I don’t wanna land there accidentally while searching for it.

  4. I’ve been collecting since 1979 and it’s really never occurred to me to stop doing it. I guess for me, it’s not that big of a time suck, I think I spend less than 30 minutes a day on the entire hobby. But I’m glad you’re getting rid of the stress and unhappiness it was causing you…what works for you is what’s important.

  5. I just cut out Netflix and HBO content and subbed instead. Saves space and less fucking with it. Worth it.

  6. As I read this thread, I have 18TB drives in a shopping cart. I keep adding little drives a few at a time, which now is about 25 drives on 2 servers with sas cards etc.. Power usage is over 300watts at idle. Mix of drives ranging from WD 2TB RE’s, 6TB Golds, Reds and a couple greens.

    So decided to sell it all and build one low power server with a handful of 18tb Drives… with a chuck of the cost off set by the sale and should be about 70 to 90 watts at idle….. Its amazing that 1 new drives replaces 8 X 2TB REs with room to spare. 4 Drives in Raid Z1 would replace all 25 old ones.

    If its a hobby, and you get enjoyment out of the IT maintenance duties, it doesn’t have to own you. I look forward to firmware upgrades, system patches, backups and the once and a decade new server build(With some used parts :)….

    The big question is how many 18TB I can get.

  7. It’s always made me happy. My immediate family and my close friends request stuff (when somehow I don’t already have it up on Plex). Seems important… I have something that resembles a real library.

  8. 5TB of movies?? Those are rookie numbers—you gotta pump those numbers up!!

  9. I would recommend following two guidelines for any datahoarders that are starting up:

    * Only download things that you care about. You cannot backup the world, but you can backup the things that have a special meaning for you. Example: I have archived the game install, modern patches and a website that hosts downloads for *Need for Speed III* game that has a very special meaning for me.
    * Stick with a simple mirror setup (two drives). You will be limiting the power usage, noise and also available space. You can scale up to 18TB, but even then there is a cost cap that you cannot go above. It’s also easier to back it up, just get another drive of the same size and you are good to go.

  10. Meanwhile my entire life is backed up on a 1 TB drive that’s still half empty ?

  11. Simple approach : use the Marie Kondo test.

    Does it spark joy? Keep it. Otherwise lose it.

    When I look at my servers, either in their physical or online manifestations, they bring a smile to my face. When that stops, I’ll reevaluate them like you have done.

  12. I totally get you OP. I love this community as it gives me ideas, helps me learn about new solutions, etc., but I’m not a hoarder. I’m simply someone who doesn’t trust Google with all his family pictures. He he! I don’t want things to get too complicated, but I also don’t want to lose my (our) souvenirs. So I have an old PC acting as a media center and a web hosts for products like NextCloud. I have an easy backup system with 3 copies of everything, one sitting 400km away from my home.

    On the other hand, I’m also a software engineer, and a part-time not-too-mediocre sysadmin who likes to build new systems. I like tinkering with hardware and software, but as years go by, I’m realizing that too much maintenance at home isn’t good for my mental health. So I keep things as simple as I can, and I delete old TV series and movies nobody watches anymore. 😀

  13. It’s all about avaliability for me. I did that when I would have a huge dump of 0day stuff and after joining and leaving different groups over the years. I thought to myself why am I doing this? It’s about the fact that not all of us had access to the material that we once did and so if someone needed this or that, we could maybe in the right place at the right times help each other out with said file. It’s about giving back, well at least for me it was. Those days are long gone but I made good friends in those areas of file hoarding and ‘trading’.

  14. Hope you didn’t forget about some long ago stored bitcoin wallet.

  15. >constantly occupied with backing things up

    Why would this constantly occupy you? I’ve automated my backups and periodically verify they are working. Set it and forget it.

  16. There are many unhappy hobbies in tech…..

    I’m mostly only on this sub for the news about tech reliability and issues related to offline first-ness and occasional cool public domain stuff.

  17. Good. Out with the 12TB.

    You should set your sights on a 12 bay NAS with 18TB drives.

  18. I’ve noticed once I got a good internet connection and streaming services that my hoarding has decreased significantly. The only thing increasing now is my backlog of movies to watch (not to mention my Steam library).

  19. Back in the DSL days, about 18 years ago, I used to download everything I can get my hands on. First burned them on CD’s, the moved on to DVD’s. Back then hard drive capacity was small, the DVD’s were pretty huge for storing data.
    To make a long story short, I spent years building up a huge disk library that I never used. Just collecting it.
    And by the time streaming video arrived, my collection of 480p videos was obsolete.
    I also had apps, games and music I collected

    Edit: I still think I have the boxes in a storage unit somewhere. I could not make myself throw them away. Do you know how long it takes to download 4.5 gb of data on DSL speeds! Hundreds or thousands of man hours right there!

  20. You will regret this one day when the robots take over and our only entertainment is people calculating prime numbers and reciting digits of pi in monotone

  21. sometime I feel like doing that but then I feel like watching an old movie and it isn’t available anywhere…

  22. Now you can make the shift from movies to books; ebooks. They’re much smaller. 🙂 A 32gb Kindle or Kobo would hold all of the books you could read in your lifetime. (Those larger capacity readers are used by people who listen to audio books or read comic books.)

  23. We have a man down! Quick, bring in spare raid controller and extra power supply!

  24. My music and movie server became a pandemic project. Helped keep me sane.

  25. You could have just stopped hoarding temporarily to think things over. Just unplug the server and use it when you need to. I hate this mindset of people keeping hundreds of terabytes on live servers backed up that they’ll never use. You could just as easily have used amazon glacier or non live drives to back everything up, then plug the server in when you needed certain data. You may end up relapsing and wasting a lot of money getting back what you lost.

  26. I am not by any means a real hoarder, I have about 4tb of data. I stopped the backup process of some channels I liked because it was consuming me a little, last week I searched for an animatic channel, which I love and helps me with my anxiety and the whole fucking channel has been privated. Yeah. I’m back to backing up videos I like. :/

  27. I totally get you.

    I hoard tons of stuff and other than some books I read and some shows my wife watches, I do fuck all with it.

    I could have never started dicking around with this stuff and just bought the books I read and the shows she watches and probably come out ahead by $5k-10k at least and hundreds if not thousands of hours over my life.

    I still have fun with it, but the luster has worn off a bit over the years. I think at this point if everything crashed or my house burned down I’d stick to backing up personal documents and family photos and say to hell with it all.

  28. It’s always useful to do a cleanup of your data and prioritize what’s important and what isn’t. At the end of the day, if some things can be redownloaded or even purchased on dvd, do you really need a backup of it? Personally for me I have “Linux ISOs” from when I was a kid that would be inconvenient to want to download if I wanted to rewatch those shows… Err I mean play around in those old Linux setups.

    Point being, GJ on realizing you don’t need half that crap.

  29. I think many of us has fallen into the “hoarder without a cause” trap. Hearing the Siren’s call of RAID topologies, Docker, automation, self hosting, and the fun of tinkering has caused many of us to hoard data and not really have a reason.

    At least that’s my justification for reducing down what I actually hoarded. Now I just keep certain media organized and backed up. Keeps me from feeling burnt out, while also not taxing my spouse’s budgetary sanity.

    (fixed grammar)

  30. I’m not a big hoarder like you guys but I like to keep things I found interesting or downloaded things (not even in terabytes or petabytes lol) But 99% of the chances I never organize them and they add up in huge folders, countless files etc. At some point I say to myself “fck it” and delete them. Maybe after keeping some data but mostly disregarding the content.

    Let me tell you something. A while ago I took a look at the moves in my external drive and found some movies I downloaded from ~2008. And never watched them. They were in a folder called “not watched”. And I asked myself “I did not watch them in 12-13 years time, will I ever watch them in the future?” answer was of course “no!” deleted the folder. I did similar with some of my possessions I kept. “I’ll keep this so I can make that using it.” Did I ever? No. Went directly to trach. It’s really relieving.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not against hoarding anything, I still do this and that. But it’s best to sort out them once in a while. Otherwise they pile up huge in amounts.

    Also I need to tell that my hoarding things has some reasons of course.

    For example; in the first years of internet, it was very hard to find something and downloading it. I remember waiting for images load in Netscape navigator or ie. So it became a thing to keep what I hardly downloaded.

    I also have ocd and that definitely kept the fire going ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Anyway, my next goal is to get rid of the old cds and dvds from 2000-2012. Which I only needed something from them like 2 or 3 times in more than 5 year.

    If I’m not gonna use it, I won’t keep it.

  31. I downgraded from a 36 bay to 12 bay. It sucked getting rid of it, but now I prefer it this way. I also sold a bunch of drives so I made some moneys.

  32. I believe in organizing your data and keeping it tidy.

    Low hanging fruits could be a good file tree structure, batch renaming software, scanning for file duplicates.

    To further slim a collection, you could delete foreign language audio, commentaries, any extra movie material you might not want.

    This has saved at least 100-150 GB in my case + ease of use.

  33. Truth.

    I have orders of magnitudes more pages of text than I could read in my life even if I did nothing else, and it still feels like it’s possibly missing a lot of info relevant to what I do.

  34. I hear you. I kind of went overboard at one point too. I have more storage than I really need. I don’t collect things anymore, and have pretty much archived the old stuff that fits on a couple of drives tucked away. I now use two Synology NAS units (one as primary, and one to back up) as well as a Windows machine for data “serving” needs. Probably overkill too.

    My most important data can easily fit on a single hard drive, and day to day data one of my six 1TB Microsoft OneDrive accounts is more than sufficient. If it weren’t for my video editing hobby, which has taken a significant back seat in the last couple of years, I probably wouldn’t need much storage space at all.

    It’s easy to collect digital stuff, and can easily get out of hand. But as long as I have my personal photos and little video clips of family and friends and important financial documents, that’s all I really need, and what I protect the most.

  35. I’m going in the opposite direction to you. Upgrading my 8 bay unraid server to a 36 bay and should be topping 100TB later this year. Unfortunately powering up the new server causes my lights to dim and might melt the wiring in my walls, so I’m waiting for an electrician to install 2 more circuits in my computer area.

  36. It does pay to reassess why you’re doing something now and then. It’s easy to get lost on the way and forget why you started.

  37. I’m on this sub to see people’s setups and find out when deals are. I have a paltry amount compared to others, and the main use of my large storage is movie rips. All the convenience of streaming, while also being internet outage proof. Plus I have all the physical discs as backups in case a drive dies.