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I hit a bit of a milestone today

I hit a bit of a milestone today

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  1. Congratulations selfish asshole, you ruined it for the rest of us.

  2. I wasn’t surprised when Microsoft pulled this same exact stunt last year, but I’m kind of surprised at Amazon. I thought they had their shit together since they are a data center leader. Guess not.

    Cancelled my subscription and got a full refund. I suggest everyone else does the same. We need to send a clear message to the tech companies that this kind of bait-n-switch won’t be tolerated.

  3. Congratulations, you just fucked it for all of us.

    Have fun removing your data.

  4. Thanks for killing ACD unlimited for those of us not abusing the shit out of it. Now I have to go hunting around again for a cloud storage solution for my 4TB of photos.

  5. You. People like you are the reason they don’t offer unlimited on a lot of services. Holy fuck dude.

    Not 10TB, not 100TB but holy fucking shit a whole PB

  6. Wow. As your next project, you should get into machine learning and create a porn conossoir algorithm that finds the sauciest scenes for you. Did you save any metadata like rate of donations/minute that could maybe help with that?

  7. Amazon probably want to stand behind “unlimited” and looks at this 5 figure loss leader customer as free advertising.

  8. This is certainly a milestone!

    What about the NUMBER OF FILES? It’s reported somewhere in the GUI too. Anybody has any records there? Also, maybe it is worth mentioning what are you using regularly, acd_cli, rclone, something else, are you mounting the disks usually, etc.

  9. Assuming that the only way you’ve got to 1,000TB of video is massive pirated collection, or you’re a VERY keen video taker with some incredible RAW-shooting camera, when does it get to a point where it’s pointless to have such a collection. If they’re on the Amazon Drive, and encrypted to keep it safe, surely that means you can’t be running Plex or anything through it. So you can’t really USE any of the data? I’m all for hoarding as much as possible, but as long as it’s actually accessible in a friendly manner. Can you enlighten me why this storage is so massive and how it’s still worth keeping?

  10. Do you have an estimate of how many hours 1011TB of video is? Gawker [estimates](http://gizmodo.com/5309889/how-large-is-a-petabyte/amp?client=safari) 1PB is 13.3 years of HDTV.

    Figure eight hours a day of watching this 365 days a year and you could watch it all in about 40 years.

  11. that’s costing Amazon about $60,000 worth of drives?

  12. What time period did you accumulate all this over?

  13. Do you guys know if these online services offer protection against corrupt data? I don’t want to waste my time backing up and keeping my files up to date and at the end of the day when I need them they could be corrupt.

  14. I guess this is what it means to be truly unlimited, but I also think of this as abusing the system. There is a line to be drawn somewhere surely? What if someone was using 100PB, an exabyte? You really can’t expect to run an entire data center for $5/month can you?

    And if they do limit/terminate your account, I’m sure you will be screaming bloody murder, as would be your right.

    This is the same thing as people who used 5TB/month on their unlimited mobile plans, vs the usual ‘heavy’ user who’d do maybe 10-40GB at most. Mobile data is overpriced to begin with but ACD sure isn’t.

    Also what is your upload speed, and is this all encrypted?

  15. Congratulations for reaching your first pet!

    * MB = Megs
    * GB = Gigs
    * TB = ?s
    * PB = ?s

  16. I’m shocked no one has asked yet what u are planning on doing with all that porn…besides storing it.

  17. Am I wrong in assuming that when I see mass data storage like this, it is mostly gaming related? I am a music nut and I have maybe 700-800 Gigs and I’m wondering what comprises these kind of data hoards…

  18. And this is how good cheap services get ruined for the average joe…

  19. Thank you for being an outlier and making my pathetic 5TB look like a drop in the ocean.

  20. Noob question… how risky is running my plex media server here?

  21. What are you using to do the actual recordings?

  22. That is quite an achievement. As another reddit member pointed out Amazon’s standard agreement includes:
    >Section 5.2 Suspension and Termination.
    Your rights under the Agreement will automatically terminate without notice if you fail to comply with its terms. **We may terminate the Agreement or restrict, suspend or terminate your use of the Service at our discretion without notice at any time, including if we determine that your use violates the Agreement, is improper, substantially exceeds or differs from normal use by other users**, or otherwise involves fraud or misuse of the Service or harms our interests or those of another user of the Service. If your Service Plan is restricted, suspended or terminated, you may be unable to access Your Files and you will not receive any refund of fees or any other compensation.**“ [emphasis added]“**

    Please do let us all know if you ever hear anything from Amazon. Good luck.

  23. somehow i suspect this is the type of thing that will get ACD shut down

  24. And here’s me proud to have finished my initial 3.5TB to Crashplan. It only took 2 months…..

  25. Wow. And I was worried they might not approve of my 8TB or so.

  26. I assume Amazon gets a bulk discount, but that’s still probably around $80k worth of storage, and it depreciates at at least $15k/y. $15k/y worth of storage for $60/y.

  27. How much is porn? Alternatively, how much isn’t porn?

  28. I always worry that just a few users using an insane amount of data may cause them to get rid of unlimited. Remember OneDrive?

  29. For what its worth, the “[manage storage](https://i.imgur.com/61SXUmW.png)” link breaks it down into TB, while the main page simply shows “1PB.” The main page showed in TB until it hit 1024TB (I’m assuming – it was at about 1020 +/- when I last saw it).

    Since Im sure people will be asking about some details, heres a quick rundown. Only my personal files are encrypted. The vast majority of the data is webcam recordings from different sites. I decided I wanted to learn some scripting better, as well as test the “unlimited” storage Amazon advertised. I figured holding a ton of porn was a simple way to do it. I have access to several hosted servers (some personal, some for friends I manage all totaling probably around 2.5Gbps), and Ive been using the extra resources to capture the streams and upload them to ACD via rclone. Much of the data is also backed up on googledrive accounts, but I quit that sometime ago, as I really don’t care if I lose it. I would just be out time, but it was time I spent learning, so not a complete loss!

  30. Damn.

    How did you get Amazon to recognize all your linux isos as videos?