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I don’t know what makes me more anxious, that tower or that people think having 200TB of single backups on external drives is a good idea

I don’t know what makes me more anxious, that tower or that people think having 200TB of single backups on external drives is a good idea

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  1. He cites the LumaForge Jellyfish’s price as the reason he can’t use a more automated backup solution. Yes, it is obscenely expansive.

    For that price, I would set up a local UnRaid box on my network with 10Gbe and all SSD storage. And a second UnRaid box in a remote location with 1Gbe and hard drive storage.

    The price of the server hardware, networking hardware, and UnRaid licenses will still be less than a Jellyfish, and far faster and more secure.

    Yes, I know that LinusTechTips already did this. I’m just saying that this is what I immediately thought of when I saw the Jellyfish’s price before the LTT video even came out.

  2. *thinks about my backups replicated in three different sites in two geographical locations*


  3. I understand how people can start with the idea that one external drive makes the most sense for storage because it’s more convenient than setting up internal drives or a storage server. I don’t understand how they can get to 3+ and still think that’s a good idea. The only advantage—convenience factor—is gone at the point where you’re physically juggling drives and have to remember what’s stored where.

    You’d think if someone has ever used a server they’d realize how much more functional that is.

  4. Why not just use tape storage… (Apart working projects ofc)

  5. It’s not terribly different than my upstairs computer setup. I have bad wifi signal up there so before I started using them for Cold storage backups I used a bunch of shucked WD enclosures and bought tons of those cheap HGST 3TB drives then hooked them all up externally for the sole purpose of TV shows and movies for 3 upstairs TVs. So I have like 11 of those and 3 high hour 8tb drives I pulled from serviceBacking up most of my DVD and blu rays. Those drives are so cheap if one gets flaky I can just clone it with a drive cloner and swap it out. I mean if you have backups there’s really no harm in it, it’s just not efficient, pretty or otherwise.

  6. Of course, being a filmmaker, He doesn’t need to know about storage solutions more than “what do I have and how much I want to expend”. But I don’t get why people refuse to hire IT experts to accommodate a solution for them.

    All that money invested on external drives is just a waste for them. Is OK if you’re an amateur filmmaker and have no more than 2TBs of footage per year and your incomes reduces to 0. But if you’re somewhat a professional, hire an expert!

  7. Speaking of bad backup habits, what would be a good move for me? I have 4TB on my NAS in raid 5 so a drive failure won’t hurt, and for the chance the nas dies I do regular backups to an external hard drive or should I use an ssd? (Since I heard it’s better to store on multiple mediums)

  8. Mine is currently two copies on separate drives until I need to buy more storage as they fill up.

  9. Used to work retail tech support and the amount of people who run a business on a laptop with no backups would make this sub cry. Farmers who do all their business keep their laptop in the cab of their tractor bouncing around on the floor and can’t believe it stopped working!

    I do not miss that job or those customers.

  10. Any simple NAS (QNAP, Synology, etc) will have the capability to backup to an attached USB drive and also to any number of the cloud backup services.

    Add in USB drive rotation and a secondary cloud provider and you are pretty taken care of for not that much upfront/monthly. Encryption for the backups is also not that much of an issue in 2020.

  11. welcome to the film world, when you work for a company with IT you’re fine, a small production house might have an off the shelf NAS and when you are a freelancer, you got drives, because PL lenses cost money.

  12. Then someone accidentally jostled the table this tower of drives was staged on, and they all tumbled to the floor.

    Only about half of the data was salvageable.

  13. It’s always blown my mind when YouTubers think this is an adequate strategy for your business that generates millions of views.

    The slow mo guys? Before Linus, this is how Gavin store data.

    At some point, why didn’t they ask if there was a better solution before spending thousands of dollars.

  14. Oh man, you should see the part where he’s taking about being afraid of thermal cycling of offline drives while he’s literally shaking a drive by waving it in front of the camera. Maximum clench.

  15. You can say what you want but Potato Jet always keeps things intresting.

  16. Lol he went directly to jellyfish and had an instant aneurism when he saw their prices

    Every comment says call Linus tech tips

    Source video:

  17. Did you even watch the video? He literally said that for every project there’s three copies: he keeps one, one goes to the project, and the other goes to the manager or whatever.

  18. 200 tb? thats slightly smaller than my porn search history in chrome

  19. Can’t imagine buying so many 1-3tb portable external drives. It’s so short-sighted. Don’t buy storage solutions for the data you currently have, buy them for the data you will have in the future as much as your budget allows.

  20. Shuck them and plug them in a Unraid problem solved

  21. Always kinda amusing that most(hopefully) people here have a good backup strategy while people that use the data they have for a living don’t give a fuck.

    I mean i get that they just don’t know better, but a quick search on “how to store lots of data” on duckduck go gave me enough results listing some kind of cloud or a local NAS as way.
    And if you don’t want to built something yourself you could always get something more “professional”.

  22. It depends on what he has in the drives I have a few for movies (that I totally bought) so it doesn’t really matter if they get destroyed in a fire or what have you

  23. I don’t think these can even be considered backups, it’s just storage.