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I did the math, realized that this 200 Disc CD player I got for the office can only store 130GB of audio, and I’m sad now.

I did the math, realized that this 200 Disc CD player I got for the office can only store 130GB of audio, and I’m sad now.

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  1. You can comfortably fit more data than that in your butthole now.

  2. Maybe join us in the 21st century and just build a cheap media PC? 12TB of 192kbit mp3’s can hold like 133,000 hours of music = 15+ years 24/7 (and probably a good % of every song ever made). I converted my 800 or so CD’s I had at the time to mp3 back in 2000 (when 80gb hard drives were $300). Far less bulky, even for that primitive storage.

  3. I did some math, and most of my FLAC albums are around 300Mb, which means you could have 433 albums for that amount of storage instead of just 200.

  4. Yeah, but think of all the space you get to take up with it.

  5. I scored one at an estate sale recalling years ago how cool I thought they were…. Turned out keeping track of everything inside the gadget with the cases and art outside the gadget became too much for my ADD and OCD…. <lol> Just finished flac ripping the library onto Plex and keeping the CDs handy for when those moods come…. the jukebox is now in the spare bedroom closet…..

  6. I had forgotten about these things! They seem so dated now.

  7. If you want permanent optical storage in large quantities, look into the Sony Optical Disc Archive. The drive itself is very expensive ( about $6,000 bucks) but the media is very reasonable for long term permanent storage ($188 bucks for 3.3 terabytes, not bad considering if a hard drive fails, it will cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to recover!!!)

  8. That would be sufficient I think for me if I’d just go for albums. Carrying around 300gb every day on the phone.

  9. No wonder why the CD player lost out to MP3 players with small flash drives, notably the iPod

  10. If you mod it into a BD-R autoloader, it can still only hold 25TB. That’s using 128GB Blu-Ray discs. Insane how HDD development has kept up. BR discs are being developed with a capacity of 1TB, but at that point we’ll probably have 50TB HDDs.

  11. Used to have one similair to it, circa late 90s. But it was constantly jamming. Currently having our entire CD collection professionally ripped, will just use Plex.

  12. Can you stick a blueray player in it? Because then it would be pretty sick.

  13. Time to mod it with a bluray RW. 5 whole TB!

  14. Could slap some high capacity blurays in there. As long as it’s just for storage and you don’t need access to the media while it is in the unit

  15. I remember wanting one of those when I was younger.

    Now, kodi on a raspberry pi with a rclone mount should do it.

  16. That’s still a lot of music, more than I have in my digital collection.

  17. I’m eternally sad that noone ever brought something like this out where you could put a usb connected burner inside for a reasonable price. If any came out at all I’m sure they were locked to one technology and thousands of dollars or whatever. I would’ve loved to get one with a BD-R drive for automated cold storage. It’s probably a lot more expensive than just getting a bunch of hard drives and keeping a few unplugged these days though.

  18. Lower your bit rate way way down.. itll hold more time work of audio.

  19. A bit of reverse engineering should let you control disc fetching and returning, and if BluRay drive’s tray could be put in place of the CD mechanism, it’s certainly possible you could use this as a BluRay mechanical library.

  20. Look from that way: You won’t need to rip all the CDs, correct the metadata and organize them. This is a huge time saving!

  21. or a bitchin 25TB if you use quad blurays

  22. you can chain the Sony Juke boxes together I believe up to 4 so you can have 800 disc to shuffle through. Never configured it myself but read about it in the manual.

  23. I knew you were canadian with that cd collection.

  24. You could fit that on a single four layer BDXL disc.

  25. Sure, but come on… you can’t go wrong with high density linear conversion.

  26. Technically, it would be 169GB of raw Red Book audio.
    (16 (bits) x 44100 (samples per second)) x 2 (channels) = 1,411,200 bits per second of stereo audio.
    1411200 x 60 (a minute) = 84,672,000 bits per minute of stereo audio.
    84672000 x 80 (the avg amount of maximum time available on an audio CD) = 6,773,760,000 bits of audio on a completely full audio CD.
    6773760000 / 8 (8 bits in a byte) = 846,720,000 bytes used on a completely full audio CD.

    846720000 x 200 (200CD changer) = 169,344,000,000 bytes or approx 169( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)GB if a 200CD changer were completely full of fully utilized audio CDs.

    The reason it is this number and not 200 x 700MB is because data CDs and audio CDs encode data on the disc differently. Data CDs have much more robust error correction than audio CD sectors, at the cost of less overall storage.

    Edit: I didn’t mean to come off as a stickler, I just love numbers and the 130 didn’t feel right.

  27. Not sure if the same model but my dad used to have one of these. It was quite remarkable for the time! I still remember when the iPod came put and we moved to that, I spent a day with multiple laptops ripping all of the CDs. Then it was amazing that we replaced something so big and expensive with a tiny (and expensive) thing.

  28. I think if the device works for you and makes you happy, it doesn’t matter if it’s a NAS or a bloody paper tape reader.

    Honestly, I’d be tickled to hook up a dummy terminal and paper tape reader to my Linux iMac 😉

  29. Wow! I had that exact same model. I got greedy and purchased a 2nd one and daisy chained them together. Gosh that must have been almost 20 years ago.

  30. So I guarantee you that the number of ways to shuffle the tracks on 200 CDs exceeds the periodicity of this device’s random number generator. Thus there are play lists it will never generate, or ever will be able to generate, even given infinity years.