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I bought a thing

I bought a thing

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  1. A fellow Canuck! Out of curiosity where did you find it? Kijiji? I’m in the Niagara region so never any good items for sale 🙁

  2. Healthy stuff. The drives I mean.
    Coke not so much (any of the variants)

  3. its time to finish your floor project, my dude. I know how it is, you’re almost done. you worked all day, you mistakenly put the saw away. the last few cuts are a bitch. you say, “i’ll get it done tomorrow,” then realize its been 3 months. We’ve all been there. Tomorrow, get up, move your furniture, get the saw out and finish it up. Your wife will be very happy, you’ll never hear then GOD DAMN words again… “WHEN YOU GONNA FINISH THE FLOOR, HUH?” You have no idea how closely our hearts are intertwined at this moment, that you’re reading this comment. not even just OP, but YOU, the reader.

  4. 24 drive version? I got the 48. It actually didn’t turn out the way I thought it would still works correctly.

  5. I saw somewhere that if you dunk your computer in coke it will cool better and run faster.

  6. OP What’s the specs on this bad boy. What are you for drives? You using SATA or SAS

  7. Should have forgone the coke and spent the money on another 6″ of desk.

  8. I assume you will cut the top off of the coke zero can and store USB keys in it? I might have a couple of 64MB ones for you.

    That is one giant rack you bought.

  9. I could go for a Coke right now too, but not that zero sugar mess. I want the real thing lol

  10. Came to comment on the coke, but I see y’all beat me to it

  11. I’m glad yours is intact. FedEx obliterated mine.

  12. Sorry for this dumb question but I’ve always wanted to buy an enclosure with hot swapable disks – do you need some kind of adapter for it (for example male to female SATA) to connect them to the mainboard or how does this work ?

  13. Soda cans in US/Canada have different sizes than the ones in the EU. It’s better to use a banana as a universal size-comparison tool. ✌️

  14. u should totally invest in those 12 cans pack instead of buying coke individually… u get better saving that way…

  15. Sorry if you’ve read up already:

    You only need 1 IOM6 to run the full shelf. The other IOM3 you pull out slightly and leave in the slot to keep airflow properly moving. I run with 1 power supply energized (less noise) and 8 x 10TB HGST SAS drives, no issues! Enjoy!

  16. I, too, have a thing! I bought one really cheap a few months ago for similar reasons, and am currently running all my old (3TB and smaller) SATA drives in ZFS pools for a NAS. It’s a beautiful thing! I made the mistake of also buying the controller (ever cheaper, ~CA$85) with the thought that it might provide a more reliable or easy to configure front end (spoiler alert: it didn’t). If you think the disk shelf is noisy, you don’t want to hear the controller starting up!

  17. That’s awesome! I’m looking to get a storage array on a much smaller scale, but this looks like a steal

  18. This is a NetApp DS4243 I just picked up today. Its definitely more drive capacity than I need right now (I only have 9 mixed size drives at the moment) but I couldn’t pass up the deal ($320 Canadian with trays, if you wanted to know.) This is will be hooked into an x3550m3 to replace my current OpenMediaVault NAS/Plex/Emby machine, which I still love fiddling with but I have outgrown. I’ll be replacing the IOM3’s with HB-SBB2-E601-COMP IOM6s for 6gbps and at some point in the near future when I’ve done a bit of learning and research the whole thing will be running ZFS for much reliability. I might consider a [noctua mod](https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/ehpfur/swapped_fans_of_the_netapp_ds4243_and_it_is/) of the power supplies to save power and reduce noise, but that’s probably in the distant future as I have another room in the house for server stuff so loudness is not a problem at the moment. But anyway. Hooray things!