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I archived the entire Garry’s Mod Steam Workshop (16,2TB @18-07-2021)

I finally got the initial download of 16TB(207,7K Addons) done(took a few weeks) and now the continuous download and indexing of the workshop is working without supervision.

Im working on a GMAD-Parser (special addon archive file) to generate a fileindex+sha256 hashes for every Addon, to look for dupes.(prob a lot of repacked addons) but its going to take some more time.

PART2 : [https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/p0jb8m/garrys_mod_workshop_archiving_part_2/](https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/p0jb8m/garrys_mod_workshop_archiving_part_2/)


Anyone wanting to access it, feel free.

File Structure is: (AddonID for example is 1337420) 1/3/3/7/1337420.<UpdateTimestamp>.gma/bin

The Images are just stored once, they have the same schema but without the Timestamp.some of the Addon Files(especially the older ones) are GMAD archives, BUT!! theyre layered with LZMA compression. (just `cat input.gma | lzma -d – > output.gma`)

Im storing metadata about every Addon+Version in a MongoDB(yeah its not the best, but i needed a fast migration to dump json from steamwebapi into).

I am still thinking about making a front-end for people to look for and download deleted Addons.

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27 Yorumları

  1. So you also have my god awful workshop items. May god have mercy on you

  2. Finally, I can join any gmod server without need 3gb of random fucking downloads EVERY single time

  3. Woah! Cool! Some of my dupes are in there! A bit sad that one of em got removed

  4. As a gmod Lua scripter back in the day, this is amazing! Thank you for your work preserving this. I’m sure you have a few of mine in there too.

  5. Watch out for false positives with the CRC32. You’d expect to see them after half the space (only 2^16 or 65k)

  6. Do you have any (that are now deleted) addons since 2013? I’m looking specifically for Buzzofwar’s Test Map that was featured on the addon’s [review video.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJGRHM1MuZY)

  7. Your should put it up on [archive.org](http://archive.org). /u/textfiles what would be the best way for sharing? Or does the Archive already have copies?

  8. I’m pretty sure I download every single one of these when I join a new server

  9. You might want to look at using SHA-512 instead. It’s faster on 64-bit processors, *as long as* the input is larger than 512 bytes.

  10. Very nice man, I really do respect this work.

    I’m the owner of a community called “The-Archive.xyz” and over the past year, we’ve been working on Game Mod Collections, we recently released a scrape of the entire PlanetMinecraft:

    and before that, we grabbed some Call Of Duty Zombies sites, one being:

    Finally, we grabbed the whole of GameBanana last year. We like your skills, tools and hardware. We’re wondering if an invitation to a private community to work on other game mod projects. Lemme know.

    If not, that’s completely fine, your work externally is valued so much, thank you for saving the Garry’s Mod workshop.

  11. I can help you set up a temporary front-end in Go that would at least set up a search functionality. DM me if you’re interested.

  12. Load them all up bet you still get the missing textures notices!

    Nice job.

  13. I made a scraper a long time ago for the Gmod addons, nice that someone continues

  14. Thanks for the clarification. When explained to someone what Garry’s Mod is, I didn’t think they would know the difference between HL1 and HL2.

  15. This is the sort of datahoarding that I can love.

  16. There must be absolutely so much stolen content in there (textures, models, etc) to make some of those mods

  17. i wonder if you have some of my god awful addons archived in there somewhere lol

  18. What is Garry’s Mod? I’ve seen it around but don’t know much about it. Could someone give me a TL;DR?