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I 3d printed an easystore shucking tool

I 3d printed an easystore shucking tool

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30 Yorumları

  1. This might be the first thing I’ve ever really wanted to 3D print. Gotta hit up a friend who’s got one….

  2. am I the only one that just gently presses down on the top and just pulls the sides forward? super easy requires no tools and doesn’t damage anything?

  3. awesome! this will be running on my printer tonight! Thanks!

  4. Ooh, timely – I have 8 of them to shuck in the near future.

  5. Nice try WD. I’ll print this and end up buying more drives to test it out. Not falling for it.

  6. Sweet, I keep losing my cut up gift cards and pondered starting to destroy cars that are still good but never used…

  7. Wasn’t paying attention and read “eyesore shucking tool” the first go around… I need to go to sleep.

  8. Oh my. I did the manual method when tearing apart my old one after the drive in it died (bringing me down from 2× 4 TB to 1× 4 TB), but I didn’t know such a tool existed! To be fair, when I tore it apart, it was last October (2018).

  9. Definitely saving this STL to print later. I’ve needed something like this. Great idea

  10. I just got done shucking drives. Mothershucker…

  11. Where are you located? If you are in the US I will pay you for one or if you could send me whatever a 3D printer needs to print one (eg document or whatever digital thing it needs) I would love to have it! I would pay you either way 🙂

  12. Tomorrow: WD announces new design for easystore.

  13. Mass produce and become a millionaire/shucking god!

  14. I just jam a screwdriver of any sort into the case and pry it apart with Hulk strength. As long as the HDD isn’t damaged who gives a crap about the casing? I just throw it out and give the electronics to my local recycling depot.

  15. Great, now send me one!

    I see stuff like this, and ponder actually getting a 3d printer (stares at dust covered laser cutter), nah…

  16. This is awesome. Why didn’t post it a month ago when I needed it. 😉

  17. this is awesome. Seriously you could sell these and make some money. 🙂

    Maybe consider creating one for the WD Elements line as they are nearly (but not exactly) the same in terms of the outer shell casing.

    Well done!

  18. Just ordered two more today, will give it a try over the weekend.

    thanks for posting.

  19. There’s a much easier way, you can just bash it into your coffee table until the plastic breaks off

  20. Since I didn’t like jamming credit cards in every orifice, I designed and printed this. I still managed to break a tab or two between all the drives but it worked a lot more smoothly than my original brute-force strategy 🙂

    STL can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4040617