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How to get started with cloud backup solution (with syncing)?

I’m trying to get started with good data backup habits, but I’m a bit confused about all my options and their interactions. I’m trying to take a shortcut by asking you all my specific questions, but also happy to follow up and read any links, tutorials or TFM (if I really, really have to). Thanks in advance for taking a look.

Things I’d like to backup:

* some folders on my linux desktop/media server (code, photos/videos, home directory, remarkable files, misc. config files and application databases)
* whole system backup of my raspberry pi which I use as a home automation server (also hosts other services)
* VPS with personal website

Things I’d like to automatically sync:

* photos folder on my phone –> my desktop
* desktop folder <–> photos
* VPS <–> desktop

I’m looking to pay for a cloud storage solution, I’ll eventually add a local backup to an external hard drive or NAS but want to get started with cloud first. I don’t imagine I have more than 1 TB of files to back up, but would be fine paying the 1TB minimum price I see in some places.


1. What backup “types” should I have? Idk what to call it, but I get the impression that some backup programs generate a monolithic file with everything in it. And other backup files are for individual files. I’m specifically wondering because I saw wasabi’s policy on “[timed deleted storage](https://wasabi-support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058734492-How-does-Wasabi-s-minimum-storage-retention-policy-work-),” which would impact me if I backed up with individual files (which I might delete) instead of everything into a big file.
2. I’ve seen comparisons of fees for various cloud storage solutions and egress charges, but I’m surprised I don’t see much (if any) information on whether different solutions provide versioning of backed up files. What am I missing?
3. I know some providers have a flat fee for backing up a personal computer (e.g. backblaze). So far I’ve only seen that for Windows and OSX. Is there a solution for linux? And would that even make sense for my use case? I was thinking I could sync everything to my desktop and then backup from there.
4. What cloud storage provider should I use given my requirements? backblaze and wasabi are on my short list.
5. What program should I use for backing up? I was looking at restic, duplicati, duplicity, borg, or rclone. I saw somewhere that I could use duplicacy cli for free? If that’s true, I’d also consider that.
6. What program should I use for syncing? I currently have syncthing setup between my phone and desktop, but maybe I should be using something else.
7. Anything else I should know or consider? Any gotchas I need to look out for?

Thanks again.

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  1. personally i use FolderSyncPro (on Android) and PhotoSync (On IOS) to sync photos from our phones to my server.

    I then have that directory synced the Onedrive.

    The local copy is then backed up using Duplicacy to my NAS and Google One (2tb plan).

    I then also use Duplicacy for other backups (like your Rpi image and your other data) to my NAS and Google One.