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How many times do you backup mobile photos before wiping a phone for recycle/resale?

For some reason I get paranoid about losing mobile phone photos so I typically squirrel them away in a couple different places before nuking an old phone that is getting recycled or sold. The good photos are also stored (locally) in Adobe Lightroom but I like to keep a historical record (and in a pinch go back and grab a different one on occasion).

Anyone else in the overzealous photo preservation camp?

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13 Yorumları

  1. Two times, two separate copies while none changes mage with files on the phone. One is saved for month of two, the second merges with photo library, organized etc.

  2. I sync my photos via NextCloud to my home server. I only need to delete the app from my phone to remove access to the photos.

  3. I copy it to my internal hdd at home, q separate external drive, auto uploaded to onedrive, and auto uploaded to backblaze

  4. I use PhotoSync to upload new photos from my phone all the time, the photos end up on my NAS which is backed up many different ways

    I could throw my phone in the river right now and lose nothing

  5. I hope you back them up well before it’s time to sell your phone if you don’t want them to go poof! Mine automatically upload to Google and Onedrive as soon as they’re taken (and in wi-fi range). Then I manually move them to my NAS on a regular basis to clean up room on my phone, and that gets backed up multiple locations. Once a year burn last years stuff on BD-R / M-DISC on two sets, one stays home, one to my sister in a other state.

  6. Have a server running syncthing which has my Nas mounted. My phone runs the syncthing app continuously.

    My Nas backs up to various local drives as well as the cloud.

  7. Three copies, on two different kinds of media, with at least one copy somewhere physically distant from me.

  8. I back up to my Small Business Gdrive, and also backup to OneDrive and finally, on my unraid NAS running Synology moments.

  9. To my external hdd, then auto uploaded to Back Blaze.

  10. I have a server at home that has NextCloud installed and I use that to backup my photos. On top of that, my server is backed up by a offsite NAS.

    I wipe my phone at least 3 times a year, never had a problem with photos.

  11. Once. Before that, continuously to the cloud and later my NAS.

  12. I personally back them up on my NAS, then archive them in a cold storage RDX carts