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How long to do a single pass secure erase on a USB (western digital) 14 TB drive?

Wondering if anyone can share some insight or a reasonable guess? I wanted to run a secure, single pass erase as a pre-use stress test on a new drive. I’m expecting a pretty long wait, but am I looking at 4 hours or 3 days?

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  1. If your USB interface supports it, there’s an ATA command which’ll wipe the drive at its fastest possible speed since the wipe is performed internally instead of transferring 14TB over USB. When checking to see if it’s supported, that status screen also tells you how many minutes it’ll take. It should be easy to find the command online and a tutorial on how to use it. If the interface doesn’t support it, you can brick the drive. There’s also a chance your computer will see the drive as inactive during the wipe and shut down the USB connection to save power. I don’t know if the HDD continues the wipe after that happens (anyone know?).

    I ran a badblocks scan on my new external 14TB WD and it took around 66 hours (2.75 days). When you use the write option it’ll erase the disk as it goes along. The benefit of using badblocks over the other options is that it’ll give you a list of all the bad blocks if any.

  2. I’m currently zero filling a 8tb and its total time is 1 day 4 hours. Its in a usb enclosure hooked up to a usb 3.1 port.

  3. I used WD’s DLG tool to stress test. It took less than 24 hours per 14 TB drive, but more than 12. Not sure the exact time, somewhere between there 🙂

    There are a few other stress test suggestions in this recent thread: https://old.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/qidhz1/is_there_need_to_prepare_a_new_external_hard_drive/

  4. Nope, it isn’t to be done this way. Open disk in windows disk mgmt, delete the partition. Then download Victoria for Windows (freeware), run it with admin right, point it to the drive and run the write. Afterwards check that sector counters are all gray, no 250+ms and no errors. Prior to that you can do a read test to be sure. Afterwards check smart to be sure there are no reallocated sectors

  5. I’d lean towards 3 days.
    Actually, at 100MB/sec writing speed it will be around 39 hours. I have no idea, will it be faster or slower in reality though.