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How do I get the full Pandora Papers?

I want to archive this stuff and try to look through it myself.

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  1. Not at first. In the case of Facebook, the whistleblower Frances Haugen was the main reason for possibly opening a new call from the US Senate to Zukerberg. Regarding the shutdown of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, the reason for this collapse is not yet officially known.

    [Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen: The 60 Minutes Interview](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lx5VmAdZSI)

  2. Does anyone have lists of the Canadians named ???

  3. Any connection to the Facebook shutdown today?

  4. they need to give reddit this data.. we have potential of 10million +people to investigate all the data! 2.9tb can be searched in a very short time.. we want/need this data.!!!

  5. All of them? Can’t help you. Want some of them for a sneak peak? Here you go. Sensitive info like passport number have been redacted, but hopefully that’s not what you wanted.


  6. I don’t like these “curated hacks” with searchable front ends. It is already sketchy in terms of provenance, but when the search results are “post redaction’ it really adds more spoliation. What gets deleted? Why? Who decides? Is it an objective or subjective criteria? Is there an appeals process?

    It is absolutely better than nothing, and sometimes (in the case of the Snowden stuff) lives are at stake so I get it… but I feel like the gatekeepers are spoonfeeding their preferred results to the public (which is totally their right I guess).

  7. i always find it suspicious that the torrent gets releaesed wayyyy after – people talk opsec but it makes no sense since the original dataset is INTACT wherver it is leaked from and they are the ones motivated to find the vector of integrity loss. so to speak., so any kind of massaging the data will only give out info – bad opsec surely?

  8. Why are people downvoting these remind me posts?

    Is it so offensive?

    What does it achieve?

    Why would anyone care?

    One of Reddit’s little mysteries I suppose.

  9. Is this part of the music service? I hope they dont start raising prices and stays free

  10. It would be pretty cool to download this as a torrent or something similar. :O

  11. wait till it hits some leak sites in a few weeks.

  12. At the bottom of [this](https://www.icij.org/investigations/pandora-papers/about-pandora-papers-leak-dataset/) article from ICIJ about the Pandora Papers, you’ll see that they’re planning on integrating the data into their existing online database that is searchable and downloadable.