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How do I broach the subject to my boyfriend that I feel he’s keeping me a secret?

We’ve been together 3 years, both with children from previous marriages. We’ve met each other’s kids. The problem is he has family he’s close with that he’s never introduced me to. He’s estranged from his parents but quite close to his aunt and cousins. They have family gatherings in which the aunt, her grown kids (BFs cousins), and their significant others attend, along with his kids sometimes. The kids know me so he’s not hiding me from them but he has never included me in those events. Im always hearing about and seeing photos of them all together and it’s wearing down on me and I’m feeling unworthy or that he’s ashamed of me.

I wish I would’ve brought this up a long time ago but nothing I can do about that other than just finally ask. How do I? What’s the best way to ask and word it so I don’t look crazy or make him feel backed into a corner?

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  1. Hi! I would say something like this: ‘I have been wanting to ask you something, so I hope you don’t mind, but it’s something I am trying to understand because it bothers me a bit. We have been together for 3 years, why haven’t you introduced me to your family? I would really like to know them.’

    But can I be honest? 3 years is a long time, are you completely sure he just doesn’t have another family or girlfriend? Because this was the first thing I tought. It isn’t he having a problem with his family and trying to keep you out for your sake, since he keeps meeting with them. Just be careful, if he give you an excuse and don’t introduce you after this talk, then think if you really want to spend your life with this person

  2. He’s not serious about you if he doesn’t introduce you to his family in 3 years

  3. I dont think you have to worry about “looking crazy” here. I think most ppl would feel some type of way if they didnt meet close family members (that live within easy visiting distance) within 3 entire yrs of dating…thats a long time to figure out whether you’re in it for the long haul or not, plus you’ve already met his kids which to me are obviously a bigger deal.

    Do you two have a healthy relationship?