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Hoarders, assemble! Report: PS3, Vita, And PSP Stores To Be Permanently Closed In A Few Months

Hoarders, assemble! Report: PS3, Vita, And PSP Stores To Be Permanently Closed In A Few Months

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  1. Huh, looks like someone beat me to the punch with posting this. No wonder my post got as few upvotes as it did.

  2. Considering PS3 is when game sizes really started to get bloated, do we have an idea as to how large the dataset would be including Games/DLC/Updates?

  3. Does this mean I can’t download my previous purchases in the future?

  4. Why would they even close vita isn’t it their latest portable ?

  5. Yeah PS3 is still pretty viable. Kind of seems like a waste.

  6. This is a rumor that’s been floating around for a while, especially for the PS3, so I’ll believe it when I see it. Especially when the Vita is still having games actively released on it via the PSN. Then again Sony retooling the web Playstation store to only show PS4/5 content lends some credence to the rumor this time.

    The question becomes whether Sony will still allow downloads of games that you’ve already bought, and if they’ll keep the CDNs online for stuff like NoPayStation and PSNDL.

    You can archive your own PSN download history using a browser extension called PSDLE, including the link to download the package from Sony’s CDN. [Instructions here](https://delistedgames.com/save-your-playstation-download-history-before-you-cant/), be sure to add pkg links to what PSDLE captures. Combined with a license file ripped from your PS3 or Vita this pkg file can be used to reinstall the game on any PS3/Vita with CFW in the future.

    Please also consider contributing the links and/or license files to NoPayStation/PSNDL if they don’t have it. For example NPS only has ~45% of PS3 games available right now, so even if the CDN stays up we’re still losing over half of digital PS3 games.

  7. if you have a hacked Vita, start downloading! i’ll start getting vita collection (usa) and psp (usa) w/my pstv and 400gb sd2vita 😉

  8. Well then, thank goodness I made a list of all the update PKGs on the PlayStation store: https://archive.org/details/urls_20200501

    Hopefully these have been archived already, but I’m not really sure, I’ll have to check

  9. There is a windows client for no pay station. You can use it to batch download everything

    I don’t remember if you can just do a Ctrl+A to download everything though

  10. NoPayStation is the perfectly utility for this. I recently moved and my internet is too slow. If anyone gets all DLC, Updates, and games, shoot me a DM!

  11. Anyone wanna help me get some DLC archived? There’s a set that I know hasn’t been dumped and given some living conditions, won’t be able to do it on my end.

  12. Should also note that the PS3 hardware will become unusable after the CMOS battery dies and online services are shuttered since it has hardware DRM that requires an online connection to revalidate – seriously. Consoles are a scam. Sony hasn’t shut it all off yet but they will eventually, as all online services do.

    Put simply:
    >If the CMOS battery dies (happens to every console eventually), the PS3 loses the ability to play downloaded games until it can validate with the server. If there is no server there is no validation so the games are thus unplayable forever afterward

    Here is a link since people aren’t understanding:

    And this is for the PS4, which can’t even read discs in that state:

  13. Is there an existing archive of what’s already done?

  14. don’t worry, plenty of archives going around

  15. From another thread

    >Pay close attention to the Playstation Store deals every Tuesday. They usually go live about 9AM PST on Tuesday morning. Sometimes they have some huge sales where you can pick up many games from the list above for $2 to $7, and often in packs. For example, I bought the inFAMOUS series on PS3 (eg 1,2, and Festival of Blood) in a PS Store sale for $7 total a couple of months ago. Or I got the God of War 1 & 2 remasters for $2.50 total and then the God of War Origins Collection of the remasters of the two PSP games for another $2.50 or so in a PS Store sale a few months ago.


    Sounds like Tuesdays are the sweet spot to grab stuff on sale. You can hack your PS3 as well. Is there a coordinated thing going yet?

  16. What’s a good way to archive these? Anyone have any ideas?