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Help Needed – NRK Broadcasting Archive

Hey everyone,

I have got a list of every show, episode, and movie on the NRK streaming website, and a script to download all of them. This is about 180K individual pieces of media. I can grab most of these, however, there are about 20K that are geo-fenced to Norway IPs. NRK has at least a semi-decent VPN blocklist, as PIA and Mullvad are blocked. I can use the NRK API through proxies to grab metadata, but proxies are simply too slow to download this ~20TB of geofenced media.

So, here’s where I need help. I need someone that can either have a Norway IP with lots of bandwidth (and storage) who can run their own downloader for this geofenced content, or I need someone to experiment and find a VPN that has good bandwidth and is not blocked by the NRK website.

[Here](https://nrk-od-57.akamaized.net/no/1192357/0/hls/msui28009019/playlist.m3u8?bw_low=10&bw_high=6000&bw_start=1800&no_iframes&no_audio_only&no_subtitles) is a link to a video stream that is geofenced. If you are blocked, you will get a 403. If you are allowed to access the page, it will download a file. If you can help find a VPN, or download media yourself on a Norway IP, please comment or DM me!

EDIT: I have gotten a few people with Norway IPs who can help. Thanks everyone!

(This post is in response to this earlier call to archive https://old.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/r1h0w7/everything_pre_2015_could_disappear_from_nrk_from/)

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7 Yorumları

  1. How were you able to pull the subtitles for the shows? I’m working on getting the content but haven’t started the subtitles, and I’m wondering how I should go about that.

    Also, F-Secure Freedome VPN’s servers in Oslo work well to access [nrk.no](https://nrk.no)’s content

  2. Hi dude, i live in Norway (and have access to it, duh:) ) is there anything special you try to download? If so i can check if i can download it.

  3. I just tried downloading the file and NordVPN seems to work fine, also am getting quite a decent speed out of it at ~800mbit/s on my 1gbit connection. (From the Netherlands)

  4. From 2018-2020, I used to access the NRK website through Anonine’s VPN service. They have a Norwegian server.

    My account has lapsed so I can’t test if it still works. You could ask Anonine if they can try your video stream link.

  5. Hi dont suppose you could check if there is any F1 videos in that archive could you? They ised to show some races or highlights of back in the day… If so would be great to hear whats there…

  6. I am currently working on archival of NRK TV myself. Are you also archiving descriptions and subtitles?

  7. dont know what speed it is but Windscribe worked….. your link was asking me to grab a playlist