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Help me consume all of my bandwidth

I’m looking for a *legal* way to consume as much of my ISP-allotted bandwidth as possible as consistently as possible. I figured this group would have a good sense of how to accomplish this.

My goal here is to have my ISP terminate my account for violating their acceptable use policy (for, e.g.: running a server or consuming excessive bandwidth).

My plan now is to do one of the following:

1. Host a bunch of linux distro torrents.
2. Run a script that streams PornHub/YouTube all day (might get IP banned).
3. Run a script that runs internet speed tests all day (might get IP banned).

This is a 200/30 cable internet connection w/o (published) monthly caps. I can connect a Raspberry Pi 3B+ directly to the modem to run scripts, server software, etc.

Am I missing any obvious options? Anyone have more creative ideas?

**Edit:** Pro-social methods preferred (my ISP’s interests aside). That is, something morally equivalent to seeding Linux distos as opposed to continuously leeching from the community.


Why? My condo board signed a 3 year contract with Altice and requires all residents to pay through our maintenance. In my area, Altice is a dumpster fire that was barely usable before COVID; it’s a joke now that everyone is working from home. I switched to Verizon FiOS (fiber), but now I’m paying twice for internet. If I get kicked off of Altice, I can make the case that I should no longer have to pay. Worst case, my appeal fails and I stay banned from a service that I never plan on using again, anyway. **Edit:** I pay for cable through my maintenance fees but otherwise deal with Altice as though I’m an individual subscriber. Service enters my apartment through coax and my own modem.

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  1. [I personally made a simple Python script](https://github.com/Piblokto/FileSmasher.py) which will download and delete file mirrors. I wasn’t intending on releasing it for a while, but I figured that it might be useful to you, or others in this thread. It’s a bit rough around the edges but I’m here to help if there are any problems with it.

  2. [Help host the IPFS wikipedia snapshot mirror](https://github.com/ipfs/distributed-wikipedia-mirror)

    [Follow popular PeerTube instances and enable redundancy so other viewers can fetch video chunks from you](https://docs.joinpeertube.org/#/admin-following-instances)

    [Run a Tahoe-LAFS TestGrid node](https://tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs/wiki/TestGrid)

    Run a [SAFE](https://primer.safenetwork.org/), [Filecoin](https://filecoin.io/), [Sia](https://sia.tech/), [Arweave](https://www.arweave.org/), or [Storj](https://storj.io/) node.

  3. OP you more than likely will get throttled down to 1mb speeds before the ISP “bans” you.

    If you do go forward with your plan, do not use any of your personal accounts like steam or youtube. The massive amounts data you download could get those accounts banned.

    Torrents and Jdownloader are good, anonymous options.

  4. Put the Speedtest.net CLI on a continuous loop.

    Bonus side effect: collect the results via csv and you get historical proof of how bad your ISP really is.

  5. Once I had a room mate who gamed all the time. If the internet was down for like 30 seconds he would have the cable company come out and check everything. I believe they replaced utility lines at least once. It never actually got resolved for years. I really bet the problem was out dated / under powered network hardware deployed by the cable company, but I’m sure they had at least $10000 of expenses responding to my roommates request. You could do that, just call and complain constantly. Eventually they may just upgrade their hardware

  6. Question for you, since you mentioned you’re required to pay for your internet through your maintenance fees, will having your contract terminated reduce your maintenance fees? It’s unlikely that’s bound to happen. You should inquire with your management company first.

  7. Run an emby or plex server and give all your friends and family access to all your stuff.

  8. Rent an unlimited gigabit vps and run a bandwidth test for a month straight.

  9. Have you read the terms and conditions?

    You may be able to find a low effort verboten activity to participate in.

  10. /dev/null as the storage destination will be your best friend for downloading usenet…

  11. Lot’s of good ideas in the forum, one aspect to keep in mind; if you’re soaking bandwidth by doing illegal then it would be easy enough for them to prove that *you* are the one in breach of contract–and you’ll still have to pay.

    There’s the less boring option of trying to convince your condo board how much Altice sucks. Data helps, a bunch of Speedtest results. You can’t be the only one working from home and having problems.

    I’m not against what you’re trying to accomplish, only offering alternative viewpoints.

    A few dozen bit torrents and non-stop video streams should easily saturate a 200/30 link.

  12. This stock monitoring bot consumes a lot of bandwidth 🙂 [https://github.com/jef/streetmerchant](https://github.com/jef/streetmerchant)

  13. can they charge you for a service that doesn’t work?

    random fact, did you know that stun guns can simulate ESD and lightening damage?

  14. wget -O /dev/null [http://speedtest.tele2.net/1000GB.zip](http://speedtest.tele2.net/1000GB.zip) in an loop on your PI, they even got an ftp to upload from /dev/urandom endlessly

  15. You can try doing what I accidentally did: Downloaded Microsoft Flight Simulator over shitty wifi. In a day I hit 600+ GB of data usage and only hit 30% download, since it didn’t cache the partially downloaded files and instead restarted each one that got interrupted.

    I’d say if you have a Steam Library, set up multiple machines and download it all, delete it, and redownload. No pesky “Are you still there?” messages to hit, and it can be done in the background.

    Netflix also has a download option on my service, so doing that over and over would be good.

  16. I really recommend you reconsider your plan, as it may backfire in unforeseen ways. If you’re dead-set on saturating your connection, though…

    **I want to contribute to something:**

    Run a dozen or so ArchiveTeam Warrior VMs. They receive jobs from the central ArchiveTeam server to download important content for preservation. Almost nonstop sending / receiving traffic.

    Get a torrent client and find as many Linux ISOs as you can – then seed them endlessly. This will have a huge spike in the beginning, then taper off, but provide huge benefit to the community.

    Run a Tor Relay Node or two. Your network becomes another hop in the Tor Network, keeping others anonymous. Virtually no risk as all traffic is encrypted and zero-knowledge.

    (Potentially legally risky)
    Operate a Tor Exit Node. Your network becomes a portal through which unresolvable queries exit onto the surface web – this will get your account with the service provider suspended **FAST**.


    **I don’t care about contributing, just saturate my connection NOW:**

    Fire up JDownloader or another download manager and queue up some of the Internet Archive’s collections. Direct download, straight to your PC. The same goes for Project Gutenberg, there are a couple of downloads for that floating around.

    Write a script that checks your torrent client for completion, then deletes the files and forces a recheck. You’ll be in an endless loop of redownloading the same files.

    If you want to make actual use of the traffic, I recommend grabbing archives from every online service you own – I know my Google Takeout archives easily reach into the terabytes.

    In general, just keep your torrent client full and your download manager queue lengthy. If you’re on Windows, go to Settings > Update & Security > Delivery Optimization > Advanced Options and crank the upload settings to the absolute max. Your computer then essentially pulls double-duty as a WSUS server for other Windows machines on the Internet.

  17. host a public iperf testing service. and advertise it.

  18. They may just throttle your account if they see too much activity as well. Be on the lookout for that while you’re doing this.

  19. Since you’re on an asymmetric connection (more download capacity than upload), hosting torrents may not saturate your download.

    I’d suggest streaming from large media companies that have bandwidth to spare – Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, etc. Assuming ~15Mbps per stream, 12-15 simultaneous streams should do it. You can probably sign up for some 30-day trials for some services to spread out the load. Set each one to auto quality on a 4K-capable device, and that should do a pretty good job.

  20. Download all of usenet, or try to. I usually run 30 simultaneous bots downloading all at once to saturate my bandwidth.

  21. What if you were on both ends of the connection? Could you host a file for yourself on two separate devices or networks and just pass the file endlessly? You don’t even need a file, just a stream of garbage bytes.

    This would limit the traffic to your ISP and not involve third party servers that could block you, but it also might let you move more data since it’s a shorter path. The trick would be making sure the traffic is actually going through the ISP and not being re-routed down to your local network.

  22. Linux ISO torrents are your best bet for not running into legal troubles. Have a script delete the iso and force a recheck in your torrent client to make it redownload.