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Hello, r/DataHoarder! We’re iFixit, and we just launched the world’s most comprehensive medical equipment repair database

After my [recent comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/g5o5i0/ive_collected_all_the_ifixit_repair_guides_in_pdf/fo5oe3z/) on here blew up, I figured you all would get a kick out of this.

**TL;DR:** We scraped the internet for any and all medical equipment repair documentation we could find. We ended up with over 13,000 PDFs across 5,000 medical devices, all [uploaded to iFixit.com and available for free](https://www.ifixit.com/Device/Medical_Device) to anyone and everyone.


Hospitals are having trouble getting service information to fix medical equipment and manufacturers can’t keep pace with the growing demand for repair of critical hospital equipment. On top of that, biomedical technicians spend countless hours scouring the internet searching for crucial repair information. This is not a great way to run a health system.

So we’ve been fixing that. Over the last two months, **we’ve pivoted half our company to build the world’s most comprehensive medical equipment service database**. We just posted more than 13,000 PDFs from hundreds of manufacturers—online and available for free. You can find them in our [Medical Device](https://www.ifixit.com/Device/Medical_Device) category.

This has been an absolutely massive undertaking, and we were fortunate to have the help and support of over 200 librarians and archivists from across the country. Archivists from university and public libraries, research institutes, insurance and software companies, and of course biomedical technicians themselves, all donated their valuable time. Collectively, they’ve contributed thousands of hours organizing piles of documents into a navigable, searchable system.

Some medical manufacturers, like [Mindray](https://www.mindraynorthamerica.com/service-manuals/), allow biomeds to access their manuals freely. A few more released select documents after the outbreak of COVID-19. But for their day-to-day work, biomeds have long relied on a rag-tag set of web resources to get the job done. Among the most popular is [Frank’s Hospital Workshop](http://www.frankshospitalworkshop.com/), a Tanzania-based site that hosts hundreds of medical device manuals—it’s the unofficial biomed bible.

But we wanted to make it easier for anyone to find the right manual, especially in an emergency. Some of the documents in our collection were already available. **Others were not publicly posted until now**. And it was important to us that this resource didn’t just duplicate existing resources, but improved accessibility in a meaningful way.

To be very clear: **iFixit will not make any money off of this project**. We are providing hosting and curation free of charge, and free of advertising, to the medical community.

We welcome manufacturers to join us and contribute toward an up-to-date central repository for the biomedical community, as well as biomedical technicians around the world to join [iFixit’s repair community](https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/Device/Medical%20Device). No technician is an island, and we hope to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and troubleshooting. This medical repository is most useful if it’s collaboratively moderated by biomedical technicians, with our assistance.

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43 Yorumları

  1. If these manuals were instead [hosted by the Internet Archive](https://archive.org/details/opensource), then nobody would need to rely on iFixit for availability of them, as Internet Archive will do it forever, free-of-charge, and the Bittorrent-based access requested in this discussion would be available immediately and automatically.

  2. Give some credits to the team who found all the manuals on the net ( and ask them to some companies probably). Go visit iFixit and stop asking for torrent. Google is the best torrent search engine

  3. someone make a torrent? please free backup copy of this for life 🙂

  4. Has this guy posted a torrent yet? Because the pitch makes it seem like they just want to promote their site and get some exposure rather than share.

  5. iFixit Boss : “This is great, ths knoledge need to be out there, not trapped on our server, it’s a single poing of failure”

    /u/Craig_iFixit : “I know some people….”

  6. I’m a bot, *bleep*, *bloop*. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

    – [/r/bprogramming] [iFixit launches world’s largest medical equipment repair database](https://www.reddit.com/r/bprogramming/comments/gn9bpk/ifixit_launches_worlds_largest_medical_equipment/)

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  7. Good job!

    Some possible improvement : having different language, I mostly see English, while some product do have multiple language version.

    I suggest you look at that website who has a lot of documents too https://www.opweb.de/francais/categorie/Medical%20and%20Biomedical%20Equipment

  8. I love it, right to repair bill is a big deal rather than the use and toss mentality some people have nowadays

  9. You guys are awesome. I wish there was a database like this but for car repair and modifications.

  10. I’m a engineer in the medical device industry. FDA takes service and repair extremely serious. I don’t want to be that guy … people will get hurt. Service personal should be trained professionals with calibrated tools.

  11. That’s fantastic. Lots of us have been getting cheap chinese pulse oximeters, and while I don’t have mine yet, it’ll probably have the typical useless manual. Thanks to you guys, now I know all about it. It’s too bad that you guys will get little to no credit for the lives this will save.

  12. Honestly, i’ve never really seen the point of an ifixit set, seeing as you could easily get the same tools for half the price made from chinesium.

    Next time i actually have a project that requires those tools, i’ll probably get a tool-set from you guys instead.

  13. Thanks for doing this and for everything else iFixit does. I’ve purchased a few of your kits to show my support, keep up the great work!

  14. Thanks, but I don’t understand why you didn’t make it a torrent in the first place. It’s specifically very well suited for sharing huge files resiliently without much load on your server.

  15. This is great, i used to work as a biomed engineer and service manuals were so important as part of the repair process. So good that such a database exist.

  16. Some person said that while the iFixIt complete tool kit was nice, they found literally the same kit, same quality in tools and bits on amazon for “half the price”. Chinese stuff, of course.

    I didn’t really bother arguing as some people just have to make ends meet and whatever works for them – but I purchase from reputable companies that stand behind their products and their ideals.


    I stand behind iFixIt because they go out of their way to develop comprehensive repair guides for Apple products and provide a warehouse of parts that have quality assurance and testing on their end.


    Now – the same company has pivoted to contribute to the efforts in a way nobody would have ever thought… how to repair medical equipment by way of comprehensive and consolidated repair guides into a single library.

    I’m proud of the company and I’m proud to be using my toolkit i got as a wedding gift, even though I’m divorced (amicably).

    I’ve gotten hundreds of dollars from wedding gifts and random crap, but I still say to this day, **that tool kit has been my favorite gift.** Used it so many times, and I’m glad to see the company doing great things so I will continue to support them!


    Keep on fixing.

  17. The only thing bad about iFixit is the loss of Gwendolyn, her voice and presentation style were custom made for those videos.

    Thank you for doing what must have been a momentous task in collating all those medical equipment repair guides, oh and thanks Frank in Tanzania.

  18. Database for medical equipment repair is going to kick over a huge hornets nest and is going to make the “right to repair” laws that the likes of john deere corp. and apple fight against look like a cake walk.

    That’s a good thing.

  19. Guarantee some bitch ass company is going to dmca this. Thanks for the upload, hope it helps someone who needs it.

  20. How did you ever get the manufacturers to go along with this?

  21. Huh. I literally just bought an ifixit kit the other day

  22. How will you be dealing with takedown notices for the manuals (as Frank’s has had to do in the past)?

  23. That’s amazing. Do you guys have any issues with Device Manufacturers trying to get you to take down the manuals?

  24. Ome of relatives works in healthcare and I’ve sent them a link to this.

  25. Can I upvote more than once ? I already have one of your kit, but you just won me for life.


    Thank you !

  26. Kudos! What’s the total size and can we bulk download?

  27. I remember using your site to fix my Galaxy S3 some years ago. GREAT site and super helpful! This pivot is so amazing and I’m sure it will make a vast difference! Thank you for your efforts!!

  28. Ok now where’s the torrent? 😉

    Thank you guys for doing this!

  29. Nice work. Though that dataset is not useful for me, it might be useful for someone fixing something I may need one day. I wish more companies operated like iFixit.

    (Disclaimer: yes I’m an actual customer of iFixit)

  30. Kinda off topic but kinda not, you should give a video tour of your data storage solutions, maybe invite Linus since you guys work together a lot. Just something that I’ve always been interested in seeing. Keep up the good fight for right to repair.

  31. You guys rock! Thanks for helping keep things repairable

  32. That’s an awesome project! Thank you for that 🙂