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He was a compulsive cheater and I just found out. Do you know how much this hurts?

If someone here experienced serial cheating in their relationship or even “better” if someone here is the compulsive cheater, please respond as I need some answers.

I was with my boyfriend together for 2 years. We recently celebrated our anniversary. There was always something off about him, I could tell. We never went on vacation for example. Little things like that, that made me think that hey something must be going on. But I didn’t have proof.

I won’t keep it long. Details aren’t even important. We spend thanksgiving with his family, and the next day after he left my home I receive a message request from a lady on social media asking me what’s my relation to him. I obviously told her and it turns out he had her as a f-buddy for one whole year. She was definitely in love with him regardless of what she told me I could tell she was, and she was pissed. She showed me messages, told me she had seen me uploading pics of him and made a huge issue and he was telling her I am crazy and a sort of business deal and a friend. I was shocked i felt so abused.

She had blocked him and ended it a month ago, and as an android user she had blocked messages on a folder when she realized on thanksgiving that he had texted her 16 times over this month. She went to my stories, saw we are together obviously for thanksgiving and sent me the message.

There was even a message from that day, where he was telling her he missed her “more than she can imagine”.

He denied everything even when I showed him the screenshots. Called her a b** and that she is bitter “because he ignored her”. Go figure. He went ballistic on her, he started shouting at her. There were more messages on his phone. More girls. Maybe every other day another message from a new girl. Tinder, bumble, everything. I was frozen, I felt emotionally raped, this guy who wanted to marry me supposedly was calling me a business deal and a friend to someone else, God knows to how many out there.

There were so many messages, so many other girls, and what baffles me is that when I called his mother screaming trying to understand what’s going on, she tells me “my son loves you he is a very good looking man and he has many women obsessing over him but he is just with you!” I was so pissed at her words. She is an enabler. Turns out she knew everything, as the other woman was going to his home and the mother was always there, but never met her she stayed in her room.

I was showing her messages and she was gaslighting me like her son. The messages were showing him literally sexting almost w the other girl and her response was “you are smarter than this bull crap, she just wants to make you break up, obviously he is uninterested in her pursuits”. The whole family knew he is a pathological liar and a compulsive cheater and covered him.

I am pissed, I am shocked, I am
So aggravated he keeps on messaging me and I just wish he goes away. The guy needs therapy, I don’t know if he has borderline personality disorder or if he is just an evil being but I am broken, I am pissed, I feel disgusted and I need answers.

Why the F do people cheat every single day. How can you be such a monster that you have 5-6 dif women rotating in your schedule, with you coordinating every single lie, every single timetable as if it’s a job.

Why me. I feel abused and completely unworthy. I wonder if he will continue messaging me or if he will go to the next victim he can find. I am so hurt and pissed right now that I am scarred for life, scared that he will not leave me alone, scared that he will find another victim, I am confused and I need someone to explain to me why did he do this to me.

Ps1. We can’t talk about feeling leaving because apparently he was cheating since day 1. That’s what he was doing. Just for sex, just for the sake of it. He called me his gf and he gave false hope to so many others, while others they were literally just f buddies. It is sick it is making me sick.

Ps.2 I need someone to explain what they do next. Do they abuse their victims more? Do they vanish since they can’t use them anymore ? Do they ever mean the word love ? I left him and this won’t change. I am done. But I need some answers to understand how these types of monsters are thinking and operating. I am still in shock it happened 2 days ago.

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  1. All I can say is that It’s never about you, it’s about them. They’re the ones with a deficit. Mental, emotional. NOT you. Stay strong, he’s a loser and not worth your tears.

  2. I’m sorry you are going through this, i’m sure your emotions are flaring right now.

    Take a pause, and breathe in and out deeply for about a minute. Then end things, and block him. I do not think this is salvageable in the slightest, and you deserve better.

    I cannot explain to you why he would do such a thing; maybe he’s unhappy or the feelings wore off- I don’t know. Theres no point in thinking about right now or trying to find closure why; focus on what is actually happening and dump his ass.