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HDD destruction day at work today

HDD destruction day at work today

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36 Yorumları

  1. Make sure you destroy the caddies too, so that a second hand caddy costs more than the machine it fits in.

  2. I will never understand the obsession with physical destruction of hard drives and tapes when secure erasing has been proven to be totally safe and effective while allowing for resale of the media.

  3. I worked somewhere that required drive shredding by matter of contract (financial sector clients). I always tried to take time at the end of the day to tear a few apart to take the magnets to get at least something useful out of them. Luckily most were so small I wasn’t interested in them anyway.

    Also, “shredding” for us was a press that gave the drives a nice banana radius to them with a good 1″ hole through the platter. Met our requirements and the shredding company could do a drive every 5 seconds or so. Made it so we only did a “drive day” once or twice a year.

  4. Bruh, take the magnets out. You can use em for all kinds of applications

  5. I know the feeling. We just destroyed 1000+ 8TB SAS drives (and caddies) from an array. We tried to convince them wipe them while in the array, but they opted not to.

  6. How often do the regulations require you to destroy HDDs of this volume??

  7. “did you destroy them entry level employee?”


  8. I felt a great disturbance in the force as if millions of bytes suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

  9. That’s one sturdy desk. The company I work at now had replace a floor as it collapsed due to the weight of too many HDDs in one location.

  10. Ha same here… but I had do with it Gen4 NVMe drives (7.6TB) — my heart sank.


  11. Sad having to destroy them 🙁

    In my work I was allowed to keep them if I promised to wipe them (not a bank or anything). Though this was years ago when we still had servers on prem and they weren’t as worried about privacy laws like GDPR. Today it probably wouldn’t have been allowed either. What didn’t help was that most drives were like 6 years old by that time and being SAS models they tended to be small but fast, and as such uninteresting in terms of capacity (think 9 or 18GB). For NAS storage these are not worth the power, noise and space. And for computing SSDs are much better.

    But on my personal NAS every drive is encrypted for this reason, so I can just trash it if it breaks (well, recycle!!). As there’s nothing recoverable without the key anyway.

  12. Also IT for a bank. Luckily we went out and bought an actual hdd crusher. Anytime you get angry you get to go crush drives haha.

  13. damn, that many drives, I think I’d build a jig for that.

  14. Such a waste of permanent magnets. I recently did this for over 300 drives, removed all permanent magnets and then threw them into the shredder.

  15. Are y’all gonna take turns hammering those little shits?

  16. what size are most of them? I’ve wiped/shredded thousands of drives over the years and maybe half dozen of them where large enough to pain me destroying them. the vast majority have been 1TB or smaller.

  17. What a waste. Does running DBAN or something on them not sufficiently wipe them enough to be sold afterwards?

  18. I sure hope those caddies aren’t getting destroyed with the drives. It’s annoying having to pay top dollar to buy those because so many servers are missing them.