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Hard drive price page from from my dad’s 1991 computer catalog… $285.95 for 20MB

My dad ran a computer store near Toronto and I came across his 1991 store catalog… here’s the hard drive prices page. All prices are in Canadian dollars… so $100 CAD is approx $75 USD around that time.



Or you can just view the [entire catalog in PDF format](https://drive.google.com/file/d/10nPdmZMXEvhBrsSyGOLt5yge6ODtexnz/view?usp=sharing) if you want.


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33 Yorumları

  1. I worked for a computer store building PCs about this time frame (and for several years before). Owner kept trying to save money and switched to Daeyoung hard drives to save a few bucks. Their name was accurate… the did Die Young. I doubt 25% of them made it out of the warranty period.

  2. I remember the sounds those early hard drives made. I had a 10 mb SCSI drive in a metal case hooked up to a Mac Plus, it chattered like a robot chipmunk and literally rang like a bell when it parked the head.

  3. Death to all MiniScribe hard drives.. and SCSI termination.. and MFM/RLL!!!!

  4. I paid $400 for a 20MB in 1990, so I’m jealous of the price decrease a year later. But then, in 92 I got a 386 with a 40 MB HD and paid only $1500 for the entire system.

  5. I remember buying a 400MB SCSI drive (full height, if that means anything to anyone any more 🙂 for $400 at a flea market as “pulled new” – meaning it was pulled from some piece of equipment that was never used. At the time $1/MB was a pretty sweet deal. Unfortunately it had some weird parameters on the thing that kept it from being recognized by DOS, so I wound up having to call Seagate and go about five extensions deep until I found someone who could actually tell me what bizarre DEBUG procedures I had to go through to make it work.

    So it all worked out in the end 🙂

  6. There is always this feeling when looking at those old catalogs from the 90’s. Even thought they were very simple in design and not perfectly printed, they do give this nostalgia vibe out of it.

    Also, it surprises me that only Seagate and Western Digital have survived until now. That, and some Japanese companies

  7. My first major PC upgrade was a 340MB HDD in 1993 that I bought at Price Club. It was $300 and I was STOKED to be paying less than $1/MB.

  8. I remember buying a 1 GB drive with proceeds from my first job so I could expand my collection of files for my BBS. Cost me around $750 back in the mid 90s. Hard to believe it cost so much, but back then that seemed like a virtually limitless amount of space so it was worth it.

  9. I bought a 300 MB drive in 1979. I think it was around $75,000.

  10. 80MB Western Digital .. $800

    And now you can buy a AMD 3900X CPU with 70MB of total Cache for $500 which would about 10,000 times faster. Nice.

  11. Hard drives seemed like such a luxury back then. My first computer didnt have any of that. You would load most of your programs via cassette or by furiously typing line by line in BASIC and hope there was no typo in your copied code. I have fond memories of my Amstrad CPC 464, but user friendliness was not one of them.

  12. $356.64 when accounting for inflation in Canada and then converting to USD.

    $470.44 when converting to USD using June 1991 rate and then accounting for inflation in the US.

  13. Price per gigabyte: $14,297… adjusted for inflation: $23,449.83

    Price per gigabyte today: $0.02

  14. wow ST412 drives in 1991? My mental map was off on when those got obsoleted.

  15. Page 24 has the games…damn Reader Rabbit was expensive

  16. Oh man, conner , micropolis drives and colorado tape systems… Haven’t heard those names in a loooooong time.

  17. C’mon now, how are you ever going to fill up a 20MB hard drive?

  18. i can recall a 20MB hard drive for between $550 and $650. finally got one in my Tandy HX1000 and felt like heaven. (USA $ of course.) they had a 40MB as well but that was the top of the line in those days.

  19. With inflation rates in the US from 1991 to 2019, add the rate of 88.1%, or $1.88 for every $1

  20. I paid 400 US Dollars for a 20 MB Seagate HD. Those were the days.

  21. Around 1991, I think I paid about $700 for the Sony Laser Library, one of the first CD-ROM drives on the market (reader only, and single-speed), with six CD-ROMs included. At the time, it seemed like a good deal for such a vast amount of storage, but CD-ROM drives have dropped somewhat in price since then.

    Makes you wonder how people will react to 2019 prices and capacities 30 years from now.

  22. My first hard drive was a 20mb, in 1988 is cost my dad $680. Amazing how far we have come since. Now I have a NAS with 80TB of usable space.

  23. Ah, I remember these days. It was 1991 that I got my first HDD; 80 megabyte SCSI on my Amiga 500.

  24. Gosh think about all the amazing and revolutionary things written to those disks!

  25. I actually own a handful of those 212MB Conner models. Had no idea they cost THAT much back in the day.

    Actually, I probably have some of the smaller Conners too, they were often found in older Macs like the Classic.

    Last time I checked, all still worked with 0 bad sectors. But that was over a year ago – maybe my weekend project this weekend will be inventorying my collection of old hard drives. Might actually make a post about it here.

    Except we were told not to post pictures of our hard drives…

    EDIT: Somehow the smiley didn’t get added. Of course I know that the “not posting hard drives” refers to forts made out of Easystores. 🙂

  26. Wow, look at those seek times

    Edit: thinking about it, I haven’t seen seek time posted in a while and can’t find it on newer drives at all.