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[GUIDE] How to download Audiobooks from Scribd

There are two methods that I know of. Both are based on the same principle. But if the first one stops working, you can always use the second one.

**These are working as of 23 Nov 2021 .**

**NOTES** :

1) You need a Scribd premium or trial account to download Audiobooks. A free account won’t work.
2) Scribd audiobooks are almost always 64 kbps, 44 kHz.
3) This is a WEBRip, not a WEB-DL. A WEB-DL would be a decrypt of the saved-for-offline audiobook from the Scribd mobile app. There aren’t any public tools to do that yet.

*Now on to the actual ripping…*

***1) Automatic Method:-***

You need to have Git Bash installed to run the commands from the Github repository. If not, install it.

We will basically use this Github repository [https://github.com/mrtztg/scribd_dl](https://github.com/mrtztg/scribd_dl) . Follow the instruction there like cloning the repo and installing the prerequisites. Now stop. Don’t download anything yet.

Head over to [https://sites.google.com/chromium.org/driver/downloads](https://sites.google.com/chromium.org/driver/downloads) and download the chromedriver according to your Chrome version. Extract the archive and put the chromedriver.exe in the folder “scribd_dl” .

Now continue following the repo to download the audiobook you want. It works! If it doesn’t, follow the 2nd method mentioned below.

**2) Manual method:-**

Download and install Internet Download Manager and its extension in chrome.

Head over to the scribd audiobook page and press play. You will see a little “Download audio from this page” button in your screen corner.

Now wait 3 seconds, then click on ⯮ (The next chapter button) and wait for 3 seconds more. Repeat this till you have traversed through all the chapters.

Then click on that floating “Download audio from this page button” and click on “Download all”. This will then help you download all the chapters from the audiobook.

After downloading them, you can rename them chapterwise.



Both of these methods use the same concept:- We grab the mp3 file streaming from the server and download it.

In the manual method, we are basically using IDM to capture the audiobook mp3 chapter file that is being streamed from the server and using IDM to download it. You can do this in Android too using 1DM from PlayStore.

If you are tired to clicking from chapter to chapter, you can use an autoclicker with time interval 3 seconds to click on the next chapter button for you. I use this one:- [https://github.com/oriash93/AutoClicker](https://github.com/oriash93/AutoClicker)

If you are tired of renaming shit manually, you can use some software to rename the files in bulk. I use Bulk Rename Utility, and a custom python script I made for that.

In the automatic method, the same method as manual is being done but using a python script and imitating the whole above process in selenium using chromedriver. IMO it’s the better option for now!

Thanks to Sukh on Discord for providing me with the 1DM method and credentials for me to try.

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5 Yorumları

  1. Any idea on how to download eBooks and audiobooks from Hoopla?

  2. Is there a method for downloading PDFs off scribd? The external websites that does this downloads PDF’s but at a low/compressed quality.

    I ended up having to upload 3-5 files just to download the original quality file from scribd. A document/text file generator could be possible but I haven’t found one.

  3. This is good thank you. Any option for Mac users that is not the manual version?

  4. What a good actually helpful post, thanks op! 🙂

  5. very cool would save me time having to record the whole book using audacity,it will check this out when i’m sure it will stay up for a day or two scribd blocks things very quickly plus i can only listen to two premium books a month there