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Got about all of these for 50$ (Roughy 40tb in differnet sizes)

Got about all of these for 50$ (Roughy 40tb in differnet sizes)

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40 Yorumları

  1. In my opinion its not even worth the insane amounts of power to drive all this drives

  2. I bought a 1tb for $40 last month. This is a goldmine for someone like me in a third world country.

  3. good catch mate, even if those drives aren’t fully working or has some errors
    it will be helpful for those 3rd party data recovery shops struggling to find those obsolete or out of stock headers and stuff

  4. There’s more than 40 HDs in the photo so what you’re saying is you carted off someone’s garbage and paid him to do so.

  5. Congratulations! I’d take that deal too lol. Dunno what youd/I’d store them in til they were put in service tho lol.

  6. ZFS z3 not gonna do the job. Better set it to z17

  7. As storage I wouldn’t be interest but I would be interested in running data recovery on the lot and seeing what could be recovered. Never know when you’re going to stumble onto a bitcoin wallet that someone forgot from the early days.

  8. Honestly, they’re only really good for deep cold storage at this point.

  9. Everybody is saying is a bad deal. Ebay them in small groups and recoup some of your money, maybe make a few bucks

  10. I’ll echo the sentiment of many here and agree that in terms of actually using the drives, it probably wasn’t a great deal.


    I probably would’ve bought them too! The novelty of having that many drives, and the possibilities, are definitely worth $50 to me. I’d test them, and the working higher capacity drives would be used as extra cold storage. Depending on how many fit the criteria above, some of them would probably end up in various systems as live backups just for the heck of it. There are a lot of 2.5” drives there- I’d love to experiment with various RAID setups and make some mini RPi servers just for kicks. Maybe 3D print a working replica of a synology or XServe RAID.

    Then I’d take all of the non-working ones (or any drives throwing errors) and I’d use the physical hardware for various projects. Do a classic “deconstructed” hard drive shadow box. Rip the guts out and use one of the shells as a custom SBC case, so it looks like I just have a hard drive plugged into a monitor. Pull out the magnets and play dangerous games with them. I’d love to take the insides of a 2.5” drive out, and transplant the PCB from an SSD into it (or do a 3.5” one and fit a couple SSD PCBs inside). Make it look like I’m getting 550Mbps reads from a mechanical hard drive – something no one but me would ever see or care about.

    $50 means very different things to different people, but if I paid $50 for those I’d be feeling A-OK.

  11. Why you guys ragging on this dude so hard? It’s 50 bucks for some stuff to play with. The rest can go in a box on the curb for the garbage man

  12. I count roughly 150 drives, and at 40tb in the lot that’s roughly 250gb per drive. Not worth keeping IMO


    It would be fun to spend a weekend diving through a handful and seeing what kind of data is on them. I bought 4 old drives from a thrift store once and found a bunch of Vietnam War film scans! Probably came out of the computer of the son or grandson of a vet that archived some old film. That was a blast.

  13. All I can hear is repetitive clicks and beeps, until the end of time itself.

  14. $50 is coincidentally the daily power consumption of these drives.

  15. That terrible, 40tb for that many drives. I don’t even use my 1tb drives any more. But if this is what you need no one can beat this deal.

  16. It’s funny how if this was one drive it would be like $500-5000 but because it’s 100 drives it’s worth like $5-50 lmao

  17. They’ve got to be worth more as scrap price – aluminum, copper, neodymium, etc. What are they making the platters out of nowadays?

  18. I have a bridge to sell. Are you interested? It’s only $50. Just Venmo to Plex_Master.

  19. I would not say it was worth it. Having 1 8TB drive would replace 16 of these and be more worth in the long run.

  20. I have somewhere around 80 1TB drives and two backblaze storage pod 3.0s. They’re just lab devices, nothing valuable is stored on them. I power them up once in a while to play, but they suck so much power and they’re so loud…

  21. But why??? The hardware to run all of those and the power consumption… just spend a bit and get a few larger drives.

  22. are there any sata drives? if yes then throw all the IDE’s and save those

  23. How many drives are these? Looks to me like your 40tb is spread across 150 drives. Is that a good estimate? 50 2.5″ and 100 3.5″ drives?

  24. Damn I wouldn’t take all these even if you paid me $50. Takes so much room and is the capacity of 3 large drives.

  25. Whoever got that $50 made a killing

    Can you come take all my old drives away too?

  26. so each drive is like 300GB on average?? That’s.. 15 years old technology at best

  27. Alright then good to know but those pods are ungodly expensive from what I see. I dont know bout you but im broke