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Google Workspace will limit school and universities to just 100TB for the entire org

Google Workspace will limit school and universities to just 100TB for the entire org

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  1. I was a massive opponent of cloud based systems, especially for mission critical stuff like email.

    I was shouted down a lot by people saying it’s more cost effective to rely on Google or Amazon for infrastructure.

    Hope those dollars you saved are still around to pay these bills, or to pay for the migration back to on-prem.

  2. I guess my WVU Alumni unlimited drive account is going to go away here soon. I never actually used it because I didn’t want to lose my email account with any abuse notices or whatever.

  3. My school doesn’t actually use GSuite but if I log in using my school account, I get unlimited storage for some reason. Wouldn’t surprise me if some day it gets shut down, I’m already backing up the important stuff to B2.

  4. I use probably 500GB and this is my first year. This is ridiculous, and I despise it.

    100TB is barely enough for most schools in the long run. This year, it is fine, but it won’t be 5 years from now. It is very much pushing it for medium to large high schools. Not even close to enough for a university. My uni had something like 20-25k students. That’s like 5GB or lessper student. Forget all of the employees. Jesus Christ.

  5. My university has more than 140k students lol, not gonna worry about this 🙂

  6. I told you. I told all of you. Google is not in the business of letting you store petabytes of encrypted, non-dedupable data for free.

    Google is a for profit business and so many of you thought “nahhhhh surely they’ll keep giving me petabytes of enterprise level storage for free or $20/month or whatever”.

    Today, you learn what capitalism is. The first hit is always free.

  7. Huh, I have 107.8TB of storage in my university google drive consisting of only the rickroll video, wonder if I’ll be contacted about that

  8. So this is why my university account got deleted but I just had 1tb in it man

  9. Everyone is going to start looking at usage in [admin.google.com](https://admin.google.com) and see where they are. My guess is google chose a number that 99% of there education users are under. They are also willing to work with larger institutions. A lot of the people crying fowl seem to also admit to storing 60TB and larger research datasets in google cloud, well above what a normal student or staff member would be storing.

    My guess is when people start managing google storage they will do a couple things. Move research onto internal storage systems and force the cost onto those projects, and start dealing with the users that are storing more than 1TB in the system. Racking up modern petabyte storinators for the abnormal users is probably going to turn into the norm.

  10. My school basically said this week that “We know it’s coming, but we haven’t decided shit yet”.

    Sounds like they’re sticking with Google, instead of other offerings.

  11. Their so called “**CLOUD**” is overflowing and OUT of Space.
    **Remember – Clouds Blow Away..**

  12. What…?!? Google changed a product dramatically after it was released because it wasn’t working for them anymore? Say it isn’t so, I am shocked. Don’t get me wrong Google cloud has some cool features, but we don’t touch it at my job, since we don’t trust them. One day they are just going to get tired of being third place losing money and shut her down.

  13. For the free tier. If you pay, you can get more (unlimited).

    My personal, one user, google business account I moved to Workspace Enterprise for $20 a month and I still get unlimited storage.

  14. lol 100t is nothing for a massive school/organization. this is why the cloud sucks and you should own your own storage, you don’t own your data in the cloud. and doesn’t google have enough money and power already?

  15. I have a Google Drive Education account through my school. Alone I use it as an off-site backup to my homelab SAN. It has 30TB of encrypted data. Oh is my school gonna be mad at me.

  16. Well… I’m fucked. I have everything there.

  17. So it happens finally.
    R.I.P 2000 TB biology drives

  18. Well it was nice while it lasted. However if you thought it was going to last forever you were naive.

  19. Heh, I have about a TB just in my university Google drive. That’s fun to realize I’m using 1% of the whole university’s limit until they pay up.

  20. Yeah this is entirely a response to piracy. I know, for a fact, of at least one person with a *60TB anime GD.*. That’s *just* anime.

  21. Reasonable action. In my previous school someone think it’s a good idea to host terabytes of pornography in his alumni account, which leads Google to suspend our entire school’s domain. It goes back online a day later, but now IT department will active moderate content in our gdrive, also no more free spaces for alumnus.

  22. Hah! Well, there goes my unlimited g-drive alumni account…

  23. This is why I selfhost everything I don’t want to depend on other companies

  24. Our school has been using Google for edu for the past 5 years and we’re only at 30TB at around 18k students. I’m not worried about the 100TB limit.in our district. most of our members use very little space, and just have Google docs/sheets on their drive.

    I am curious if this counts the shared drives, it seems to be vague on it as they always have been.

  25. This was all one huge ploy to trap universities. They lured us in with everything being free, so we migrated everything to them. Unlimited storage? Move all students to Google drive instead of network drives. Shared drives? Move most network shares to shared drive. So to confirm… You have most of your email, storage, documents, forms, and pretty much everthing else in our service now… Right? Yes, yes we do. It’s so great you’re doing all this for free. I can’t imagine how much time, effort, and money it would cost to move back…. Yeah.., about that.. We’re going to start charging for this service…. And you’re using exponentially more than the free plan allows….

    Technological con of the decade.

  26. i mean why would someone use a joint account for stor—oh..

  27. Look what you did.

    Edit: Also I pay for my Google Drive. Don’t look at me!

  28. The 100TB cap is for institutions with fewer than 20,000 users and are also using the free Google and lowest cost Google Workspace for Education packages. If you have more users, there is a rather vague “will be provided with additional storage” if you’re following the ToS.

    The two higher priced tiers come with an additional 100GB or 20GB per license.

  29. ” Institutions with greater than 20,000 students…”

    Bruh a handful of people here could use 100TB alone

    Google getting stingy