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GoAutoYT – A service you can host yourself that automatically detects and downloads new uploads on YouTube channels and playlists + more.

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on GoAutoYT lately and finished its core functionality.

The reason why I made this is because I like hoarding music and there are a few music channels on YouTube I want to archive and GoAutoYT makes it very easy to do that. Yes, I am aware that you can just set a cron job that runs a youtube-dl command but that’s just too easy, isn’t it haha.

I saw some posts on this sub about YouTube deleting entire channels and I believe my tool can help you archive your favourite channels before/if they get deleted.

Please keep in mind that this is still very much work in progress so I am looking for feedback and suggestions, Go and front end web devs are welcome aswell.

I have a setup guide and pretty much everything you need to know here: [GitHub Repository](https://github.com/XiovV/go-auto-yt)

Thank you.

UPDATE: Prebuilt binaries can be found [here](https://github.com/XiovV/go-auto-yt/releases/tag/0.5.1). I still haven’t tested the properly so please report if there are any issues.

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37 Yorumları

  1. Is this still in development? I was looking at the Roadmap and I’m anxiously awaiting updates. I’d like to be able to use the Output path of Uploader/name_of_video.mp4. Also there’s no way to just download the video without also downloading the audio webm file? Thanks for reading.

  2. Have you thought of doing something like this but with instagram? Theres some cool music theory pages id like to grab everything off of

  3. Question for you. I got it up and running on my Mint VM, but when I try to download anything its giving me

    > There was an error while downloading the video: v.Download exec : “youtube-dl”: executable file not found in $Path

    I looked around on your Git and it looks like it comes with youtube-dl. I cant imagine its because Im using Mint. Do you have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? Sorry Im still a Linux n00b.

    EDIT: Ok so I guess I needed to download youtube-dl which I did using the command

    > apt-get install youtube-dl

    it seemed to install but now Im getting the error v.Download: exit status 1

  4. I can’t get the docker installer to run, any suggestions?

  5. Hey man can you explain this in layman’s terms for dumb people like me?

    I downloaded one of the pre-built binaries but I can’t seem to run it, also not even sure what it is.

    I have downloaded youtube-dl before and was able to use it somewhat successfully but it crapped out when trying to download all videos on a particular channel. I really want to archive a few channels before dec 10th.

    After downloading the binary and clicking on the github repository link, what do you need to do to get this program running?

  6. I really don’t get how I’m supposed to use it ? I would love to use this app, but the extension is amd64, and when I change to .exe I still don’t get it..

  7. Help! I can’t get this Docker stuff to work 🙁
    Here is what I did:

    1) I enter UnRaid using the browser and open a terminal window from the browser

    2) In the terminal window I the write “docker pull xiovv/go-auto-yt” which gives me the following error:
    root@MegaNAS:~# docker pull xiovv/go-auto-yt
    Using default tag: latest
    Error response from daemon: manifest for xiovv/go-auto-yt:latest not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

    No idea why!?

    If I then instead use the following command “docker pull -a xiovv/go-auto-yt” it does in fact pull the image. If it’s pulling too much (i.e. old versions as well) I don’t know.

    3) If I look under the Docker tab the new image is listed as “orphan”.

    So what do I do from here? How do I get the docker image enabled?

    I am completely new to Dockers and it’s a complete black box to me.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  8. Thank you for making a Docker image for it! Makes it so much easier!

  9. Does it have a mechanism to fire a script/event once a download is done? I have a small host in GCP that’s only got 30GB of space, but I have a Google Drive mounted with rclone and would like to run a simple mv script once the download is complete over to the google drive mount. I’ve not had success in writing direct to gdrive mount with other tools (qbittorrent for example).

  10. Exactly what I was looking for. This tool is great, although there are some problems with it (I am using the docker container image) but I really like it.

  11. Ubuntu 18.04

    I had an issue setting custom download locations. Every time I would try it would download to /go-auto-yt/downloads/<custom path>. Removing the hardcoded *downloads* in all of these lines:

    ytdlCommand = “youtube-dl –playlist-end 1 -f bestaudio[ext=”+fileExtension+”] -o downloads” + target.DownloadPath +” “+ target.URL

    lines in youtube-dl.go and videos_handlers.go seemed to fix it. New line:

    ytdlCommand = “youtube-dl –playlist-end 1 -f bestaudio[ext=”+fileExtension+”] -o ” + target.DownloadPath +” “+ target.URL

    I’ve only tested this in single video & audio downloads so far.

  12. So now I just have to wait till it gets put inside a docker container.

  13. i’m not good at these things but if someone could make a Docker container for this on unraid i’d be eternally grateful.

  14. Can i download the thumbnails and descriptions like on youtube-dl?

  15. Is it illegal to download yt or would it just be sharing those files?

  16. But Youtube has low quality compression on their music so wouldn’t be the best. But looks great for other content. Good work!

  17. How about DEB/PPA build releases? Like… I can’t even really tell what build type your binaries are… just static stand-alone binaries? Not even package manager aware? D:

  18. Another example of something I worked so hard to try and get working myself. Good work mate

  19. I get a 404 errors when I run it, if I build it myself works perfectly

  20. Oh lord I wanna use it but I know nothing about coding

  21. Damn, finally an automatic way to download new songs on my playlist. Cheers!

  22. Does this have something built in to convert to mkv by any chance? As well as to download all subtitles…

    Seems like a great project for people who don’t want to start setting up cronjobs and stuff tho… if this is available in docker format that would be ideal!

  23. …I was seriously sitting at work wondering if there’s a service like this. And this is first on my feed. Bless you.
    (Edit: have some silver ?)

  24. Is there a way to change the port number used when not using docker?

  25. Awesome thanks I’ll try it out. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Are there settings for how the files are labeled? I prefer a certain filename format.

  26. How would you do this with cron? How do you identify new videos to download?

  27. Great idea and project!

    I do not really want to store the data (for a long time) but like the ability to use other players and not depend on the shitty YouTube UI.

  28. This is awesome! I’ll be setting that up once I get my station running, eventually…

  29. If you integrate live stream real-time captures I am in. So many streamers will end the stream and kill the vod. My current implementation with python is a messy way to go about it and I am looking at your gui drooling 🙂

  30. Ah, Go. I see you are a man of culture as well. 🙂 Good job man, and thanks for sharing!