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GIVEAWAY Stablebit Scanner/DrivePool/Cloud Drive GIVEAWAY

Since I am not allowed to sell any of my keys here I am merely going to give one away.

Giveaway closes on ~~15th December~~ **30th November** (may be a 2nd draw) to allow people time to enter.

All you need do is post which product you want a key for. Nothing else needed. Please DONT post multiple times as it will make it hard for me when conducting a draw. ONE key of your choice for product of your choice.

Delivery by PM. I expect the lucky winner to confirm they received a working key in thread too.

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37 Yorumları

  1. I’m wondering if there would be any enthusiasm to end the giveaway earlier? Say at 11:59 GMT on 30th November? I haven’t seen many more entries in last day or two?


    I wonder if people arent upvoting cos they dont want the topic HOT and seen by more people, hence improving their chances? 🙂 Sneaky?

  2. I could really use a DrivePool key as I need to purchase one for a new JBOD NAS I’m building.


  3. Thanks for a giveaway!
    My choice is Cloud Drive
    Good luck to everyone!

  4. As I’m starting to hoard a DrivePool key would be super nice!

  5. DrivePool


    [Users like you provide all of the content and decide, through voting, what’s good and what’s junk.]

  6. Stablebit Scanner would be fantastic to use on my main rig with hot-swap bays for the file recovery aspect. I’d love to see if I can recover anything from older drives.

  7. I would like a drivepool key if I am a lucky winner.

  8. Currently looking for a Google Drive mounting solution and seems like Stablebit CloudDrive is the most suitable product for me.

  9. Ow nice! If chosen, a Drivepool would come in handy as a replacement for a noobish jbod contraption.

  10. I should have asked for upvotes. I just assumed people would. Silly me ?

  11. Hi, thanks for the giveaway! Scanner would be a useful tool to have.

  12. Stablebit Scanner would be great to have. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Drivepool

    Thank you so much for the giveway.

    Good luck to all

  14. I’d love a key for scanner, thank you for the giveaway!

  15. I use drivepool so scanner would be a nice add on for me. Thank you for the offer!