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Getting overwhelmed with options before building my ZFS NAS

So I’m about to build a NAS server. NAS is just one of the duties so please don’t shame me for overbuilding. I am planning on using 6-8 8TB 7200RPM SATA III HDDs to build my array. Initial plan was to go Raidz2 with all disks. Now I’m reading that I will see no increase in write speed. I have 10gbE, and will be making frequent writes to the server. From what I can gather, I will see no big benefit from L2ARC or SLOG given there will be one client at a time connecting. Any suggestions on seeing an increase in write speed? I’m not opposed to purchasing a couple SDDs or even more spinning rust to speed up the write speeds. Other possibly releveant system info: Ryzen 5950x, 128GB ECC DDR4 RAM. Thanks in advance.

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  1. A little more detail would be useful. What sort of data will you be writing? From how many sources? Over what network protocol? Peak vs. sustained vs. average bandwidth?

    Flip side, what are your expected read requirements? You may need to choose a balance between the read and write performance, depending on the configurations available.

  2. Even with 10gbE then what is going to be hitting the NAS at 1 GB’s sustained speeds? Is this perhaps backing up stuff off your main NVME? In which case what does it matter how long this process takes even if you were just on 1 Gbe ethernet?

    If the data is sequential in nature then you should easily be able to write data to your Raid-Z2 array at about 200 MB’s times the net number of disks (less the two effective for parity) so at least seven drives should be able to do it e.g. (7-2) = 5 * 200 MB’s = 1 GB’s.

    SLOG just holds transactions in case of system crash and it does not store write data like say a FIFO buffer that then farms out the writes to HDD’s and for that you probably need some other HSM system, read this https://www.reddit.com/r/zfs/comments/9duycb/zfs_tiered_storage/ but if you do need it then I suggest you look elsewhere https://serverfault.com/questions/1006362/refs-on-storage-spaces-is-storage-tiering-working-windows-server-2019

  3. Can’t really remember but maybe stripped mirrors if only 6-8 disks and need high write speed. I feel like it gets a bit complicated ?