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Get a 12Gb/s (SAS3?) HDD work with DS4243 + SAS9207-8E


I just bought 3 new 18TB SAS-drives ([WD](https://www.westerndigital.com/products/internal-drives/data-center-drives/ultrastar-dc-hc550-hdd#0F38353)) and thought they would work fine in my NetApp DS4243 (with a Dell HB-1235 controller) + LSI SAS9207-8E setup. This isn’t the case though. I suspect that one or more parts in this chain doesn’t support SAS3, and it seems like the HDD don’t fallback to SAS2.

Disk shows up in the LSI software (with 0GB), it isn’t possible to format or verify the disk in the LSI utility/BIOS.

The disk doesn’t show up in lsblk, but it comes up in “lsblk -a” without a size. I can also see it with lsscsi and sg_scan. sg_format doesn’t work either (I get device busy).

The disks are completely new, I have only opened one of them to make sure it work (I haven’t opened the others if I need to sell them or send them back), but I really don’t think the disk itself is broken.

I have a lot of SATA-disks in the same setup which works great.

So I suspect that either:

DS4243 itself can’t handle the disk

DS4243 + Dell HB-1235 controller can’t handle it

The LSI controller can’t handle it

Or all above.

What do you think? Have you got a 12GB/s SAS drive to work with either the DS4243 or the LSI SAS92xx? Is there a cheap way to get this to work? Maybe an adapter (I guess SAS->SATA won’t work)?


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4 Yorumları

  1. Is this the only disk in the unit? If not, are the others SAS or SATA? If SATA are you using interposers? In my experience these shelves don’t work well with mixed drives and results can be…unpredictable.

    Edit: Are you also sure the drive is sectored correctly?

  2. I wonder if you might have a very early DS4243 unit with a backplane that’s incompatible with some aspect of your new drive. If you remove the hard drives from leftmost column on the unit and then look at the backplane you should see a date printed (e.g. “XYRATEX 2010”). Can you check and report back what your unit says, please?

  3. Everything looks fine in this chain to me. I suspect there is something else going on.

  4. isnt the DS4243 the 3gbs ver you would have to replace the netapp controller to the 6gb ver (fairly cheap on ebay if you wait i got mine for 20 bucks) but i do not know if the gb ver supports the drive but do know it supports sas2 you dont need to replace them both just replace one and remove the other