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Fujifilm refuses to pay ransomware demand, relies on backups

Fujifilm refuses to pay ransomware demand, relies on backups

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  1. Good for them. And they should use the saved ransom money to hire hitmen to go after the hackers /semi-serious.


    A few years ago I had to restore out entire companies desktops and servers from 3 month old backups to deal with a ransom ware infection. Fortunately we had good backups but it still involved a huge amount of setup.


    We ended up going entirely virtual, best decision ever. Made backups, moving offices, expansion and WFH so much easier.


    Fucking hate scammers, hackers, virus spreaders etc. Scum of the earth.

  2. It’s not just backups. Now you can choose between paying the ransom of a data dump which probably will cost you much more. If backups were the answer, ransomware wouldn’t exist anymore.

  3. That’s what good system administrators are allowed to do. You won’t believe how many organisations have bad IT practices or “backups cost too much”.

  4. This shouldn’t even be newsworthy – this is what you take backups for.

    You absolutely never pay a ransom, unless you absolutely can’t restore from backup.

  5. [Imagine if they had bad backups what a terrible PR situation that would be.](https://imgur.com/gHEdZoo) They *literally make the tapes.*

  6. That’s why proper backup is important because you never know what may happen in the future.

  7. Good for them. If you ever pay ransoms you’ll have a target on you forever.

  8. Yeah….that’s what most companies that get hit by ransomware do. The only ones that don’t are the dipshits that don’t have backups.

  9. Many victims have experienced ransomware deleting their backups. As a manufacturer of LTO tape, I’d expect Fujifilm to have offline backups, that are hard to delete by malware.

  10. My last job had backups every day and our ransomware ran in alphabetical order. So it started at the top of our NAS drive and moved forward recursively. All I had to do was restore backups starting at A and catch up to it. Luckily our drives were faster than the ransomware so I was able to catch it and kill it.

  11. Still baffles me that companies don’t have backups and restoration plans put in place before being hit.

  12. Who woulda thought… a company that makes data storage media would have regular backups of its data. Dumb hackers

  13. Nice to see a company know the defense to ransomware.

  14. As someone who teaches for a living I have been yelling backup tapes are still very relevant. This may not have been the case here but lord, backups are so critical.

  15. Sounds like not EVERY place underfunds IT and their D&R team. Awesome!

  16. Seems like an intelligent ransomware infection would attempt to thwart the restore-from-backup plan by lying dormant for weeks/months in hopes that the company’s “clean” backups would eventually fall off the end of the tape. That way, restoring from backup simply restores the dormant infection too.

  17. I wonder if any of their data will get released, one could say it’s a developing story.

  18. How it should be! I seriously don’t get orgs that don’t advocate backups religiously with the 3-2-1 mentality… and testing them monthly too

  19. nice. Fuck you hackers.

    Though I heard some ransomware lurks first then identifies and attacks the backups as part of the attack.

  20. >Hackers: We’ve encrypted your data! Now you must pay us ransom!
    >Fujifilm: *restores from backups*
    >Hackers: [Wait. That’s illegal.](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/mobile/000/028/207/Screen_Shot_2019-01-17_at_4.22.43_PM.jpg)