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Amk n*wi

You, me, gas station.

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YOU, ME, GAS STATION. What are we getting for dinner? SUSHI OF COURSE! UH OH, there was a roofie inside of our gas station sushi. We black out and wake up in a sewer, we’re surrounded by fish, HORNY FISH, you know what that means! FISH ORGY! The stench draws in a bear, what are we gonna do? We’re gunna fight it, bear fight, bear handed, bear… naked? OH YES PLEASE. We befriend the bear after we beat it in a brawl, then we ride it into a Chuck E Cheese, dance dance revolution. REVOLUTION? OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT? UHHH, I THINK SO. Next thing you know, I’m reincarnated as Jesus Christ, then I turn into a jet, fly into the sun, black out AGAIN, wake up, do a bump, WHITE OUT which I didn’t know you could do, then I smoked a joint, GREENED OUT, THEN I TURNED INTO THE SUN, AND UH OH! LOOKS LIKE THE METH IS KICKING IN! PLAHFHAAO POAHJH ASFOFAPAL OAOFL AOFFALFHRH RAHROA HAHHAHRH ARHAH HAHAHHA HEHAHA

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  1. Feels heavily inspired by the events of “like a boss”

    Feels heavily inspired by the events of “like a boss”

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