Güncel Floodlar En sonuncu Floodlar

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Amk n*wi

Weird sss copypasta my friend made

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The year is 2146

YA boy Is revived with the future technology- and the first thing I do is go to an art museum to submit a piece
“Uh hello fancy art people I would like to set a bid on my greatest piece, my magnum opus if you will”
I then pull out a fucking microwave
“This microwave may seem normal- But I actually put an Anime girl in it- dont worry shes a dragon- Im pretty sure microwave radiation only makes them stronger”
There is a bunch of concerned gasps and one of the people say “wait- we all know what happened to Solid Snake- How do yo-”
I turn on the microwave – and the anime girl SPIN
About 2 minutes pass and the microwave fucking explodes killing everyone in a 20 mile radius

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