Güncel Floodlar En sonuncu Floodlar

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Amk n*wi

Weird “Grossdom” copypasta I saw on Discord.

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The night——- When I first saw this art, it was like my mind went numb. I had to zoom it. These 4 futa princesses have the most amazing colossal bras encapturing their shiny, reeking of old sweat, boobs. I immediately thought about what I would do to be kneeling under all of them, waiting for them to ruin me. I WILL sell my house, I WILL steal from my family’s piggy park to pay for princesses makeup. unnecessary boob and ass jobs, and for their future lip injections. I WILL sell my whole family away, to never see them again in my life, because these beauties are more important then them. I WILL open my mouth whenever anyone of them has to use the bathroom. I WILL brush my teeth with their slimy snot. I WILL NOT brush my teeth because I’m their slave and tooth brushes are only for alphas. I WILL clean their musky cocks from any chunky smegma, tasty musk, pungent sweat, and cum. When they come back to the basement from a 3 – hour full body workout, I WILL use my tongue to clean properly and rapidly When they eat baked, hot beans and call for me yo use my mouth, I WILL swallow every single one of their spicy farts. I WILL remember that each eaten droplet of spit, each whiff of their farts, one piece of leftover smegma from their steaming cocks and literally anything inside of their toilet bowl is more valuable than my family.

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