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Amk n*wi


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Shouldn’t trans age be a thing? Like really
“The child in me” phrase shows that people feel young at heart, trapped in an eternally decaying flesh prison forced by society to be accepted as “maturing”.I can just, identify as a teenager, so I can join r/teenagers again, as I’ve always felt young at heart.With adulthood, comes responsibilities, with adulthood comes legal problems, these are all social norms forced upon every individual as they near the age of maturity in their respective state/country.
However, this shows that adulthood is a social construct.
There should be a difference between adulthood and age.
Age is the number of years spent on earth, adulthood should be determined by oneself and oneself only. Not society.
If i identify as a teenager, I should be treated like one.
I am maturityfluid.
If you dont accept my transmaturity I will cancel you on twitter.

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