Güncel Floodlar En sonuncu Floodlar

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This is Ayyildiz Tim.

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This is Ayyildiz Tim. & We’ve hacked into WhatsApp database mainframe and gotten your IP alongside your and your parents’ personal info. Now, you’re going to receive divine punishment for not believing in Allah, retard. And you’re going to witness the power of the Turks and Turkey firsthand. (CcC menen ben turkem. Auuvvv~) Don’t think we’ve forgotten about what you people have done in New Zealand. And now it’s time that you pay for what you’ve done. This is only the beginning, more is to come very soon! Including, but not limited to; mass murder, racism, shootings, bombings. Just you wait until 2023 when the treaty of Versailles expires; Turkey will be able to use its natural resources and boron. And all of the world will fear the Turks and our Islamic brothers.

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