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Amk n*wi

So i boofed thc-o.

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So before anyone asks, no this isn’t a joke, or a meme, or a lie. I know it’s a common thing to joke about and I understand that, but I am being 100% serious here, and actually tried it because I am a fan of boofing most other substances, and was curious to try it with some kind of cannabinoid, I chose thc-o because I have a bunch of raw thc-o distillate, and it’s very thin and liquid, so I figured I can boof it raw without having to dissolve it in anything. So with that out of the way here’s how it’s going. An hour and a half ago I boofed 600mg of raw thc-o distillate, the same method I use to boof anything else, except the distillate was already liquefied I didn’t have to dissolve it in water, waited 15 minutes, then started walking around and going about my day still feeling sober. I still have not consumed any cannabinoid through any other ROA yet today to make sure this started at baseline sober. After about 40 minutes I started feeling kinda fuzzy, and buzzed but not very high, so I thought boofing worked, but not very well. However after an hour, I started coming up more, and now an hour and a half in, I have a very heavy euphoria and tingling throughout my entire body. It’s strange because my mind still feels mostly sober and I hardly have any head-high at all. But there’s no doubt I’m high, the amount of euphoria and bliss I feel throughout my whole body right now could never be matched sober. It’s just like a constant wave of electricity and bliss washing over every nerve in my body. So from this I’d say boofing thc-o does definitely work, but it takes away most of the head high, in exchange for a MUCH stronger body high compared to eating. I’ve eaten 600mg of this same distillate many time, and I’ve always had way more head high than this, but never even come close to this level of body high or euphoria. If you’re curious, and you prefer body highs, id honestly reccomend giving it a try.

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