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Replying to a so called “man of culture”

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No dude, you’re not a “man of culture”, you’re a crippling hentai addict. Maybe next time stop glorifying your addiction and flaws and seek some professional help. I’m sick and tired of all these bottom-feeding-single-celled-organism-motherfuckin-body-pillow-jerk-off-obese-weeaboos laughing about being weights on society. you sick fucks may think your smart but i know at least one of you is beating your dick off to a kawaii anime girl getting a foot, mouth, and handjob at the same time from an octopus right now as i type this shit, so sit your ass down. We really live in a time period where society is making our flaws appear as good and even beneficial. To progress, we must recognize our flaws and further improve upon them which will create a stronger generation which will push and challenge our society only to become the best version of itself. Retard

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