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Radiohead is the greatest band in the entire world and it’s not even close.

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Radiohead is the greatest band in the entire world and it’s not even close

The first time I saw Radiohead was at the Chicago YellowFire Festival in Philly, and I was ready for disappointment. They were already 15 minutes late and the crowd was slowly spiralling out of the stadium. I checked my watch repeatedly, rolling my eyes at the fact that I had wasted 100 dollars for that ticket. They had just released Amnesiac, which was well received by critics, but I personally thought the album was mediocre. After 30 minutes, only about 100 people were left in the stadium and they all looked as if they were about to fall asleep. 45 minutes had now past and it was just about 80 people. That’s when the band finally came in. They looked drunk out of their minds and they didn’t even notice the ever shrinking audience. I rolled my eyes, ready for the worst performance of my life. But then they started playing Like Spinning Plates, and I instantly fell in love. The beautiful synths entered my ears and filled my whole body with the darkness engulfed within the sonic waves. The stars twinkled above as Thomas Yorkus’s voice engulfed the silent atmosphere of the nearly empty stadium. I nearly orgasmed after he hit the high note. The lyrics’s disturbing realities occupied my mind, filling me with anxiety and a hatred for the government. I quickly became an anti capitalistic anarchist, screaming along with Yorkus’s soaring vocals. The light sprinkles of the cymbals scattered throughout the ambience of the stadium, echoing off the hard concrete walls and into my ear holes and out my anus. As soon as the song ended, I quickly rushed to the stage and thanked Thom Yorkus for his beautiful sonic landscapes and messages encrypted within the song.

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